NameID Not Working on Galaxy S9


    Hello, I put in a support ticket on this, they came back as cannot finding an issue. So now they have a help desk issue which I am waiting to hear back from, but thought maybe someone out here has an answer.  So I just bought a new Galaxy S9 from TMobile.  I have NameID as part of my plan.  But NameID doesn't really work.  For example, a call will come in and NameID does nothing.  I can open the app after the call is over and see the number that called. I will click on the number and then sometimes NameID will load the person's name at that point.  I have talked/chatted with customer service and we did a master reset on the phone.  That didn't help.  I did notice that NameID is not enabled by default, so I downloaded the update and enabled the app.  Still doesn't work.  The phone app on the phone doesn't seem to have any caller id functionality built in that works either.  So while this isn't working, I downloaded the Hiya app and it's giving me some caller id functionality. But I'd prefer to use the built in functionality from TMobile or the Galaxy S9 phone. 


    And we have 2 other new Galaxy S9's and I don't see where NameID is working on those either.  So it this a Galaxy S9 issue? An Oreo issue? (I don't see on the NameId page that Oreo is supported, is it?) Just want this to work. Please help if you have an answer.




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