Perks at Work for Tmobile ONE issue/HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT


    I am really disappointed with Tmobile at the moment.  I work at a hospital and am offered perks through the perksatwork website.  Since I am an existing customer, I wanted to take advantage of the offer.  I had 3 existing lines and wanted to add a 4the line.  My plan at the time was the Simple Choice Promo plan.  I called the number provided at the perks website: 844-786-2964 and spoke to a rep about changing the plan from the Simple Choice to the Tmobile ONE as that is what the plan the perk is offered for; 1000 Wow points, a $100 Visa Rewards card, and instant $25 savings for new lines.  I spoke to the person on the phone and asked them to help with the switch for the plans and to add a 4th line.  I was told by that rep that it wasn't possible and that I had to be on the Tmobile ONE plan, then placed me on multiple holds and returned to tell me that I should go with Tmobile AMP or Tmobile essential; not helpful since that wan't what I was seeking to do.  They told me to call them back once my plan was changed.  So I used their chat feature on the mytmobile website.  They had a promo where if you add one line, you get one free, and so I decided to go with it.  Got the added line with the free offer, so then I was enrolled in the Tmobile ONE plan with 5 lines.  I called the 844 number back to have the promo applied and was met with a rude CS who told me that I did not follow the proper procedure and that he would not honor the promo.  Please bear in mind, I have had to deal with this since 10 am this morning and was on the phone with them until about 3 pm.  They kept placing me on hold, and returning to tell me that in order to do the promo, they would have to cancel the two lines I just set up and send out new SIM cards before they could apply the promo.  It was apparently escalated to the higher ups as at that point, I was already speaking with a supervisor and he informed me that they could not find the transactions that was processed on my accounts to change the plans nor could they find the confirmation for the two additional lines that I added.  After 3 hours of on and off holds, they told me they would have to call me back.  So, in essence, I was misdirected, misinformed by the first rep on what to do for the promo, then rudely told that I did not do the correct procedure to get the promo even though I told them that I followed what was suggested of me by the first rep, and now I have to wait for a call.  It really just feels like they were intentionally just putting me on hold as a tactic to not deal with the issues.  I shouldn't have been put on hold on and off for 3 hours if they were really having such a huge problem.


    This is completely unacceptable for something that should have been extremely simple.  If this doesn't get resolved appropriately, I will definitely be looking to AT&T as my company also offers discounts with them.

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      • tmo_amanda

        magenta5985762, thank you for sharing your experience. This shouldn't have taken anywhere near 3+ hours (I realize you may still be waiting on a follow-up). You're right, had the first rep provided a bit more info on what needs to be done the situation could've been avoided. From the sounds of it, you may have been trying to take advantage of two promotions that weren't stackable. Again, this would've been helpful to know beforehand. What is the status now? Were you able to take advantage of the Perks at Work promo?

          • magenta5985762

            Hello Amanda,


            Thank you for replying to this.  I still have not received a follow-up at all, and it has been two days since the Supervisor named Joshua told me that there would be.  The promo for the Tmobile ONE buy one voice line get another free wasn't something I initially wanted and had no idea about until I chatted with a rep.  I told the rep that I only needed 4 lines and wanted to just switch to Tmobile ONE and have four so I could use the Perks promo.  There is currently an offer for Tmobile ONE 4 lines for 140/month and that was what I was inquiring about.  What was told to me was that since I already had 3 existing lines that I could not receive that offer of the 140/month.  Again, I didn't really care for a 5th line.  The rep then told me that it would only apply if I had only 2 lines and added a third line, I would get the 4th free.  I truly wanted that deal for Tmobile ONE, but ultimately, I just wanted to use my Perks at work promo code for the 4th line. I actually have no use for a 5th line but I wasn't made aware that if I did the BOGO voice line that it would disqualify me from the Perks promo.  Since I would be paying 160/month for four lines if I opted out of the BOGO, the same if I were to get the 5th line free, I decided to go with it, but yes, you are correct in that I did not know it would not stack with the Perks promo.


            It seems you have summarized my experience very succinctly and that yes, I wasn't given the correct information and that was what caused so much confusion.  What I didn't appreciate was the interaction with the rep named Zachary that was extremely rude when I was trying to explain to him that I was misinformed by the 1st rep I called named Juan on the 844 number.  I was so upset I did use an expletive out of frustration but not to personally attack Zachary; it was long the lines of "yes, the f***k I did" because he kept telling me I didn't follow the procedures when I was trying to tell him, Juan informed me differently.  Zachary then rudely exclaimed that he would transfer me to a supervisor (Joshua, whom placed me on hold on and off for 3 hours as I hear him snickering each time he comes back on line each time) so that the supervisor would say the same thing he said to me.


            I have never had this type of experience before with Tmobile Reps in my time with this company.  I was especially surprised since Tmobile has recently tried to improve their CS through the introduction of the Customer Care Experts where you will always speak with a live person if needed.  In any case, I am still waiting on whatever follow-up Joshua claimed there to be and so for now, I have the Tmobile ONE plan which I wanted but a 5th line to it.  I unfortunately did not get the chance to receive the Perks at work Promo.


            I'm sorry for being so long-winded, but it was truly a shock to me as I really don't have much to complain about with Tmobiles' services and typically the CS.  Thank you for checking in with me.

              • magentatechie

                magenta5985762, you have certainly been through an ordeal and I'm so sorry to read of your troubles, particularly because T-Mobile is really making an effort to improve the customer service experience through Team of Experts.  I don't blame you for losing your temper with the rep, I know how frustrating this has been for you.  Now, I saw on another post that you communicated with T-Force via Facebook but that they wouldn't help.   What was their proposed resolution?

                  • magenta5985762

                    Hi Magentatechic,


                    So, the T-Force Rep I spoke with unfortunately stated that there was nothing that they could do.  The supervisor named Joshua told me that in order for me to get the promo, I would have to cancel the additional lines I added when I switched over to Tmobile one and reprocess the adding of the lines again in order to use the Perks promo.  He also stated that since I used my own SIM cards, that he had to ship out two new ones as well.  I was in a tight spot because my nephew was visiting and he was leaving the same day.  I just wanted to simply add the line, and assign it to him; so canceling and waiting a couple days wasn't the worst thing, but at that time, I had already waited hours.  However, that was why I waited so long on the line with supervisor Joshua as he was claiming he would do it although it was not a guarantee.  So when I spoke with the T-Fore rep, I asked if there was a way to get the promo without having to cancel 2 lines and then re-adding them, and was told it was not doable.  Unfortunately, I have learned since that since I did the BOGO voice line, that I no longer qualified for the perk.  I truly wish I had known all of this before making the decision.


                    However, with the post you shared, the original poster went through a similar situation in which he switched to a tmobile plan and wanted to apply the perks but was unable to get it.  The difference with me, was that I actually called that 844 number in an attempt to do the switch from the simple choice plan to the tmobile one plan and add the line, but was told by Juan that he couldn't help me; also telling me to first switch to the Tmobile Amp, and then later mentioned the Tmobile Essentials.  Juan, made it so confusing for me from the beginning. Then everything else transpired.  Again, sorry for such a long response, but I just wanted to share the details of how things came to be.  Thanks.

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Yikes, that's completely unprofessional of us I'm truly sorry that you're still going through this. Thank you for taking the time to go into more detail about what happened. I'd like to get a little bit of info from you so I can get another set of eyes on the situation. I'm sending a private message your way. You can check your inbox here.

                    • magenta6214230

                      I also went thru this harsh conversation and issue...  Very disappointed..