On my new Galaxy S9+ how can I upgrade my 16 gb SD card to a Larger 64 gb SD card without a computer?


    Hello, On my new Galaxy S9+ how can I upgrade my 16 GB SD card to a Larger 64 GB SD card without using a computer?  I heard that I could use my internal memory as a holding point, unmount my small card and remove then insert larger card (and do I need to format? in the phone and move the data back from my internal memory.  (how do I accomplish this?)


    Of course the card in the phone presently has less data than the internal memory of the phone so I should be able to transfer all data to it. But how do I do all of this and will it work?  (a question is my phone presently has some data in the internal memory and some on the SD card (what data needs to be kept on phone and what can be moved to new card and how do I do that?)).


    If and when I move the data back to the New SD card can I move all the data or should I keep the data separate and only move back what was on the Card?


    I am new to using a smart phone so I will need step by step easy instructions, (please explain step by step "how to select "not just Say "Select", etc as I am a Dummy at this point)  I cannot find any instruction for this particular task on the internet which is kind of odd and there is no answer on T-mobile or Samsung site that I can find, very strange and "Google Assistant offers the wrong info as to switching /upgrading SD cards"


    Of course this is A method I heard.  but any instructions  would be appreciated on switching out my SD card and not lose any data, contacts, apps, settings, picture and document files, Hidden files, etc


    Also, will I be notified when someone answers this post?  How do I use this post?  Thanks in Advance.  If you answer how can I give Kudos?  I am new to this site.

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