Scammed by T-mobile on device replacement.


    T-mobile took my iphone 6s plus 64 GB which was working perfectly fine and recently started having ear phone issues. I was told i can get a replacement device. i have tried 2 replacement devices (refurbished) by t-mobile and both have some serious issues. When first replacement arrived the t-mobile representative in store couldnt even get into the device because the touch screen was not responding after she turned it off an on again it was not picking up mobile signals and screen froze again. She ordered a second replacement device in store after i had spent 6 hours downloading my cloud backup on to this phone. She gave me my personal device back and i took it home. 2 days later i second replacement that too had touch screen issues but the t-mobile rep said it could be since cloud is downloading the back-up. She removed all my data from new device and restarted the download from icloud. It took 5 hours this time too. The phone was having touch screen issues again but the rep told me to take the phone home and let it finish downloading because that can be the reason. I brought it home deleted everything and started the download the 3rd time and let it finish it took good 4 hours. The device was no better it still had touch screen issues. The device randomly clicks on videos on youtube, erases my text messages when i am typing and the home botton doesnt respond to finger print touch and the start-up pin screen freezes. I also found out when i logged into my account that no representative mentioned it that they had sent me an iphone 6s plus (16 GB). i have been paying $10 for insurance and device protection for an iphone 6s plus 64 gb. I called t-mobile and told them that i cant keep wasting my entire day on changing devices to find out that i have a bad one sent to me once again. I requested a brand new device and to send me and exact same device that i have been paying insurance for. The representative said that the replacement policy is that they can sent me any GB device thats available. This is a plain lie. when i got the insurance policy they said they will replace the device with the exact same type of device and if its not available they will move to an upgraded device and if thats not even available they will pay me the actual full price of the device as in credit for me to use it towards the new device. After 2 hours on the phone i was told i needed to talk to apple becuase t-mobile added 14 day apple care on my phone so they transfered my call to apple care. Apple said that t-mobile has gone crazy. They said if i get a replacement since the device is out of warrenty i would have to pay for the whole device out of my pocket. I called t-mobile back and after multiple disconnected calls from t-mobile side and multiple rude and useless representatives i was finally told by a supervisior that they will send me a brand new iphone 6s plus 32 GB they dont have a 64 GB. I said i have been paying insurance for 64 gb and i payed extra price for the storage when i bought it. 32 Gb now a days is nothing when phones over 100gbs are available. I told her with a lot of storage uses if the device is low on storage the phone hangs up and runs slow. i have a lot of data i need storage i cant work with 32 GB of storage i need a 64 GB phone. I can compromise on phone color but i cant compromise on storage because i have a lot of data. She said in that case the next device up would be iphone 7 and that will also be 32 GB. At this point i thought she was not listening to what i was saying to her. I said my device is payed off fully and i bought an expensive phone due to its available storage i dont care if its 6 or 7 or 8 whats crucial for me is my storage and i need 64 GB she said iphone 8 has it available but she will not offer that so my only option is to stick to 32 gb. She argued and argued and told me to go to court if i find it unfair. She also gave me so much more illegal advise for example i can intentionally break my phone screen or cause water damage or claim it lost and go through the insurance company called "Assurant" pay my deductable and get a new phone. She was willing to transfer my call to Assurant representative. When i talked to Assurant representative she said that is completely illegal and rather than them t-mobile is responsible for replacement of device because its an internal issue of the device not a physical damage.

    I have filed a report to BBB (better business bureau) regarding T-mobile in this scenerio, about how their representatives first lied about insurance policy, then didnt put anything in the notes that we discussed, how t-mobiles representatives kept hanging up on my calls and how they are offering me devices with low data storage and are not using the 3rd option as to pay for the full market price of the device. I also offered them the option of ordering a phone from apple store themselves that is iphone 6s plus 64 gb and they can pay it or i can pay it via a prepaid visa or master card provided by t-mobile. I wrote to BBB that T-mobile at this point is not coming up with a desired solution or following insurance rules rather is adamant on me on accepting the lower storage phone options just because they are out of iphone 6s plus 64 GB in their stock. They are refusing to give me my original device back. i even gave them the option to give me my original device back after just fixing the ear phone issue that it had. They said no. They took my phone, silently handed me a bad quality, unfunctional and lower storage device twice without even mentioning it to me. I found that out myself.

    i am also going to claim a law suit again t-mobile in small claims court tomorrow.


    Does anyone have any other idea or have been through similar situations, have any other solutions or ideas that i think i can use in such a situation. I want a 64GB phone, i cant compromise on the storage. Thanks


    PS: I have 6 lines with t-mobile and i am willing to take all of them away to another service provider. i have been giving t-mobile business from last 3 years.

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      • tonioxmanpotter

        I have found that it does no good to take your issues to a T-Mobile store. The only way to get something done is: 1) call 611, jump through those hoops and explain your issue to the regular agent, then when they cannot help you or refer you back to the store where you bought the merchandise, ask to speak with their supervisor. (You may have to insist.) 2) sorry but then you have to explain the whole thing again to the first supervisor, and when they can not sufficiently remedy your situation, insist on speaking to their supervisor ( you may have to insist again.) 3) probably have to explain again what happened, but this is the person who can actually get something done. Make sure you have all your details written down, including how this situation has affected your quality of life and wallet. Make sure it is clear what you are asking for, whether it is the replacement of a quality device, or if they still have your own cell phone at the store, the immediate release to you of your own property. Don't be mad when you call them, these folks are only doing what they are limited too. Call them during business hours, as a frequent excuse is that the department you need is closed at this time. Make sure and get everyone's name and employee ID number. Good luck to you, I have had huge billing issues with T-Mobile twice, and this is the only process 4 resolution.

        • tmo_chris

          Hello magenta2581050


          Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. I sincerely apologize for all the trouble you have been going through with your replacements. I totally understand wanting to get the same memory variant in an exchange because that is what you paid for and have become accustomed to. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would recommend that you use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team so we can do a full audit of what has transpired and go over the next best steps.

          • tmo_mike_c

            This is a real bummer but I agree with Chris's recommendation. You should reach out to our T-Force team for more help.