Unable to access old account - presented with security questions I didn't choose


    So I was a T-Mobile customer several years back and just rejoined again.  I attempted to create a new T-Mobile Login ID but my original account still existed so I attempted to log in to it.  I didn't have the password but I was able to successfully reset it.  However, when I try to log in I am presented with security questions that I most certainly did not choose.  One was "What is the middle name of your youngest child?" - I do not have a child.  The other had to do with where did you meet your significant other - I did not have one at the time of account creation.


    I called support and they said they couldn't do anything for me and said they would send me a one-time temporary password to log in... this does not solve the issue of me having to get through the security questions.  In desperation I created a new T-Mobile ID using my work email so I can  manage my account in the meantime, but I want to use my personal email/existing account instead.  Is there anyway to blow away the old account so I can use my personal email for my new account, or is there a way to have my old account reset so I can log in and link my new number?  Please help!

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