T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !


    T mobile coverage f****** sucks. I don't care what the coverage map says because its wrong. I NEVER have coverage or only 2 bars and I have an Iphone 7. This  is crazy . I'm looking for a different company who actually have service and its a shame because I been with t mobile is F***** 2007!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !

        Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time getting coverage What is your ZIP code? Also, is the coverage any better when you are outdoors?

        • magenta2713436

          Re: T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !

          I totally agree: the T-Mobile Coverage Map lies and so do the customer service reps.  I'm traveling in an RV and for the past 6 weeks in the Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming I've been without T-Mobile coverage most of the time.  For all the RV parks I stayed in the T-Mobile Coverage Map shows coverage but I cannot get it.  When I called customer service from Billings Montana I was told that T-Mobile has ZERO coverage in the entire state of Montana.  I had coverage in some locations but not in the RV Park I was in.  The T-Mobile Coverage Map shows excellent coverage at the park.  ATT does have excellent coverage all over but I'm out of domestic roaming bytes till next month. 

            • tmo_chris

              Re: T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !

              Hey magenta2713436


              What was the ZIP code of that RV park and what kind of phones do you have? I would like to take a closer look at it.

                • magenta2713436

                  Re: T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !

                  57078 Yankton KOA

                  57301 Dakota CG

                  57702 Rushmore Shadows

                  59101 Billings Village

                  iPhone 7 and 8



                    • tmo_chris

                      Re: T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !

                      Thanks Greg,


                      I took a look at all of those parks and we do have coverage in all of them. The coverage is LTE700 which both your phones support but it is pretty sparse. We also have roaming agreements with AT&T there so if you are unable to get on T-Mobile signal, the AT&T should pick up as well. I know that the data is capped while roaming but you should still have unlimited talk and text so you would not be without some form of communication if there was an emergency. While looking at the locations, I did not see any immediate plans for enhancement but that is not to say that it will never happen, we just don't have anything in the books at this time

                • joe1994

                  Re: T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !

                  Unfortunately no matter what carrier you go with your eventually go9 to have coverage issues. My home town is Las Vegas and I k now all the big four carrier's in Las Vegas have dead zones including verizion. The only carrier I had 98%-99% coverage was project Fi.

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                  • averyfreeman

                    Re: T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !



                    I just wanted to piggy-back on the original post


                    I was looking at the coverage map, and I can say from experience my LG V30 drops coverage just north of Shelton, WA on HWY 101 and will not receive a signal the rest of the way to Hoodsport, WA for a solitary second


                    The coverage map says these areas all have 4G LTE


                    I actually bought the LG V30 because it was one of the first models to support 600 MHz, I was hoping to be able to get coverage in rural areas


                    I want to reiterate - not just weak or slow signal. I get NO signal.  This is right on highway 101, too - basically the only major highway to go through this area.


                    My girlfriend (who also has T-Mobile) same thing on her iPhone 6S.  My iPhone 6 got no signal before I got the LG V30 which is why I switched (6 apparently no 700 MHz either)


                    What are some of the reasons I might not get any coverage whatsoever when the map says it's available?


                    T-mobile basically works great anywhere else I go in Western WA except for a short section of interstate 5 between Centralia and Longview.

                    • magenta8774802

                      Re: T mobile Coverage Maps = LIES !

                      dito please reference my other posts. I am a disabled customer that has zero service in my house without a tower booster. tmobile's answer to me filing a complaint with the FCC was they would only communicate in writing through their legal department. Tmobile considers an FCC complaint as filing legal action.

                      Yes not quite sure how the FCC directs them to communicate or respond to a complaint if all they do is cut off communication and refer to legal. FCC needs to investigate this practice. Refused clarification of coverage when requested by disabled customer in need of reliable service.