Not able to move to SPRINT from my Unlocked iPhone 8 Plus


    I bought my iPhone 8 Plus (total 2) on BOGO offer from COSTCO store, in Dec 2017. I paid in full and later after 3 months got them unlocked as well. I tested the same by doing the following:


    If you have a non-T-Mobile SIM card:

    1. Insert non T-Mobile SIM Card

    2. Complete the setup process.


    This was in March 2018.


    Now in Aug 2018, I was planned to move to SPRINT and when I went to SPRINT website to verify and check the IMEI number, for device eligibility. I get the message, that "Sorry, your phone cannot be activated." I talked to T-Mobile Support. They said phone is unlocked, but it was still not allowing me to move to SPRINT. Then support from T-Mobile connected me to APPLE Support. Apple Support, told me to restore the phone using the iTunes. I did that and got the message in iTunes, "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked".


    I again tested on the SPRINT website, by entering my iPhone 8 Plus IMEI and my phone number and I still get the same message.


    Please suggest as to what should I do. It seems, my device is still locked even after getting it unlocked.



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