LG V30 - Significant issues with Google Assistant and Speech to Text after Oreo Update


    Has anyone else had issues with Google Assistant or with Speech to text after the Oreo update? Prior to the update it worked flawlessly. Now I have a hard time getting Assistant to activate. Sometimes it doesn't start at all, or will pop up and not be listening for a voice command.


    I also use Gboard for messaging. The speech to text function fails after two or three consecutive texts. I hit the microphone button again and it's not listening. I tried using another keyboard (Swiftkey) that uses Googles speech to text function and experienced the same issues.


    I have tried:


    • wiping the cache partition

    • master reset

    • disabling Amazon Alexa (an unwelcome and involuntary addition to my phone)

    • wiping the data and cache of the LG stock keyboard (a so-called fix I found elsewhere).


    Nothing has worked. Very disappointing as prior to this update this had been the best phone I'd ever had.

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