Help with my rebate


    I purchased 2 Iphones around July 17/18th 2018 to get the benefit of BOGO which is the only reason I made the purchase. I ported a newline and traded in an Iphone 6s. I submitted the rebate claim online on July 19th. I check now and was denied due to INVALID TRADE in (trade in device does not match with the eligible trade ins). I made the purchase and trade in at a Tmobile store in Bowie zip code 20721. I was never ever told that Iphone 6s in not an eligible trade in.

    I purchased 2 expensive phone because of BOGO  and ported a new line and I cant believe how I was denied based on the fact that the store did not tell me that I have an ineligible trade in.

    I need the rebate to be process successfully or else just take the devices back and refund my money.


    Can anyone help me or how do I resolve this problem. This look like a Tmobile scam.


    Thank you.



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