What happen to the tmobile.hotspot website?


    I have two hotspots and there is an unknown device on one of them, so I went to sign in and block the device only to find that tmobile.hotspot website is not there and now I do not know how to block the device sucking up my data!

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      • barcodeable

        I am unsure of what you mean by T-Mobile Hotspot Website is not there. I have 2 mobile internet lines i use with my wifi hotspots: ZTE Z917 and there isnt a T-Mobile website to visit online, but an address to connect directly to your device itself.


        In order for me to connect to my device I have to go to this link: http://mobile.hotspot (and input my login information). This address isn’t located online but on your hotspot device. Your link may vary since you may have a differnt device than what I have.


        Also remember, in order to connect to your hotspot to remove unwanted devices from connecting to it , your hotspot device needs to be turned on.

        You may also want to set/change your password on your particular hotspot device to boot off whomever has logged on to it.


        If you still are having issues, please explain what hotspot device you have and what specific plan do you have for these hotspots (are they prepaid or postpaid) / simple choice - Tmobile ONE - T-Mobile Essentials ?





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        • tmo_mike_c

          Hi there!


          barcodeable left some good information. Can you take a look at that post and let us know if you need more help? Thanks!