Unlimited tourist plan


    Hello everyone,


    Last year I went to the USA for vacation, and I picked up a Tourist Plan sim-card at a T-Mobile store. I was able to get an unlimited data plan.


    This year I'm visiting the USA again and I was looking into getting another Tourist Plan, but now I see it's only able to get a 2GB plan? Am I missing something or isn't it possible anymore to get an unlimited tourist plan?


    Thanks in advance!

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Unlimited tourist plan

        Plans change often.


        The "Tourist Plan" is only 3 weeks for whatever the price is.


        You CAN sign up for an unlimited plan with prepaid for a month.  It's probably more expensive than the tourist plan.  But, there's no obligation to continue to pay monthly for it.  It's not a "tourist plan" and can potentially cost more than if you went on a tourist plan.  Or, may be exactly what you want.