Is this data breach text message from T-Mobile, legit?


    Did anyone else get this? Also I have not click on the link yet...




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      • blue5941847

        This is legitimate.  I called customer service and what they told me completely contradicts the notice sent to affected users. The rep said it was a generic notice sent to everyone and no information was taken. The notice explicitly says that anyone that was affected has or will be notified via text. Information taken was billing zipcode phone number, email address, account number, and account type. If you don't receive a text, then you don't have to worry


        I repeated my question to the rep: was any of my personal information obtained?" She restated "No".


        My confidence with them dropped. But I have a feeling this is due to poor relaying of information to their reps. Except, this event happened on the 20th and they had time to inform everyone in preparation for the calls.


        My concern is the data breach with Experian where quite a bit more info was obtained on tmobile customers. This data and the data obtained recently could be sifted for exposing more than just your tmobile account. Be on guard! Change all your passwords on all your accounts for everything if you need to feel safe. They not CV to use the same password for multiple accounts.


        Unfortunately, the rep was not capable of really answering my questions.  Also, do not use their automated call back and ignore the hold message where a Theresa from IT picks up. It's part of the hold music.

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        • tmo_chris

          Hey aislynsibyl


          This was a message from us. We just wanted to ensure you were aware. Did you have any additional questions on this?

          • oldgreyguy

            I also received a text today, it stated that my SSN was grabbed.... so my only question is, since T-Mobile cares so much about their customers....


            Who in their right mind would store a full SSN .... do they not know about last four, encryption.... hell, even the Keystone cops would have helped

            • greggo

              So, the text msg they sent to announce the cyberattack is *not* what is meant by "you will be notified via text"? In other words, I would have received another, separate text if I personally had lost any information? (Luckily I did not).  I found the wording of the notice confusing due to this.