Waiting on Credit... getting run around by staff


    Two months ago, I switched from ATT to T-mobile. I filled out the forms online and found out for 5 lines there would be a $25 per line for SIM card fees. So I did a search and found a promo (SIM399) that lets me get the sims for 3.99 each. So I was going to check out, but on the bottom of the page it says you can save and continue this in store. I realized that this would be a better option as I would get the sims right away instead of waiting for it in the mail. So I go into the store and told the agent about this and they didn't seem to know about the promo nor the ability to continue in-store from the online. He goes to the manager and ask and came back with a better deal. I pay $50 upfront (not including taxes) for the sim and then I would get it back in credit via the bill. I figure instead of paying $3.99 x 5, I save even more and pay zero for the SIM card at this rate.

    Anyways fastforward two bills later and I still don't see the credit. I call the guy and he said it should've gone through and that he will have to get the manager to approve again. I've been calling him for the past few week and he keeps saying he will get on it. At this point what are my options? Nothing has been done. He's basically saying he's on it but nothing. He says he will call me back the next day every time. This happened 3 times already. I call Friday and he says he needs to talk to manager to get it cleared and to call back Tuesday (Today) so he can get the manager on at the same time so he can go through with it. He gives me a time frame to call 1-3 pm. I call and am told he's in a meeting and to call back in 1 hour. I call back in 1 hour and am told he's on a break. I call back in 30 mins to talk to the manager and am put on hold for 30 mins... no one picks up. I call again and am told he's in another meeting. So this is the last straw can someone help.  I have proof with his initial that says it will be bill credited back to me.

    Can someone from Tmobile help?

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      • snn555

        There could be several things at play here. One fact is that any activation or upgrade charge of $20 per line normally goes to the representative in the store who makes the sale.


        Also was this an authorized retailer or a corporate T-Mobile store? They don't all operate the same way. I am a little skeptical of the in-store Representatives offer.


        I would check with TMobile on social media such as Twitter or Facebook or within the T-Mobile app on your phone and let them know of the situation and perhaps even upload an image of the document stating the charge and stating that you would be reimbursed. If you are unable to come up with that if you were not given that information then this is very difficult to prove. Otherwise with the correct proof it is possible they might give you a one-time credit on your account.


        of course this all hinges on whether or not this was a legitimate offer and if so they can handle it but if not this might be something you have to battle out with the store manager in person.

        • tmo_chris

          Hey help123 

          We can figure out what is going on here. As snn555 suggested, please reach out to our T-Force team using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature. They can contact the store on your behalf and get to the bottom of this.

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          • barcodeable

            Most salesman      will say anything to get that sale.  I normally don’t trust anything that comes out of a salesman’s mouth as being true. Contact T-Force on (Facebook/Twitter) as suggested. The $3.99 per simcard was a very sweet deal. Hopefully at the next uncarrier event....  T-Mobile will get rid of all the lying salesman. When a T-Mobile rep says they will call you back but never do, $10 dollars should automatically get credited to the customers account. And as for the lies, that should be illegal.

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            • help123

              Thanks. T-Force was able to help me resolve the issue. Sorry lost password and was too lazy to reset it for the longest time. But anyways they called on my behalf to the store it was resolved. Thank you so much for the inputs.