SIM Card expiry period


    I live in Australia and only visit USA twice a year. I have a T-Mobile SIM and USA phone number and I want to keep the SIM card active --- I do not care if the phone service is inoperative as I can not use the T-Mobile service in Australia, but want it to be active as soon as I arrive in the USA (after paying a renewal fee).


    If I pay the required renewal amount (say ) once on the due date, how many months after the renewal date will the SIM card stay active before it is de-registered, even though the actual phone service might be suspended.


    I have tried to call Support for an answer but gave up after hanging on for 2hrs on an international call ----- hate to think what my landline phone bill will be !!!!!



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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: SIM Card expiry period

        It depends on what plan your prepaid phone is on. I have a phone on an old grandfathered PAYG plan that I keep active for US$10/year.  This plan is no longer available.


        I believe if you have a current PAYG plan, US$3 is deducted from your balance each month and the account stays active until you run out of funds.


        Other prepaid plans, such as Simply Prepaid, I'm not sure. I don't know when the number is released back to the pool. The SIM comes with a date after which it can not reactivated if dormant.

        • 10goldstreet

          Re: SIM Card expiry period



          Firstly thanks for the response


          The question that I have been trying to get to speak to Support about is the last part of your response --- "The SIM comes with a date after which it can not be reactivated if dormant".


          For example, my wife has an AT&T SIM and phone number and uses it the same as I do with my T-Mobile., but with hers, if she pays her monthly account and then stops paying, the SIM card will stay active for a period of 6 months, even though her actual phone account is becomes inactive at the end of the month if she doesn't pay for the next month.


          It is this situation that I would like to know about my T-mobile SIM.


          My current plan is the $3 per mth PAYG but before leaving for the USA, it will be changed to the $45 Simply Pre Paid plan.


          Just a shame that T-Mobile appears not to have an online CHAT system, like virtually every other major organisation !!!!!



          • 10goldstreet

            Re: SIM Card expiry period



            Thank you for the information, but going to the "message us" link is of no assistance to me because in Australia (where I live) there is no T-Mobile service and as such my T-Mobile phone number and SIM do not work and it appears that without an operative phone signal, I can not use the "Message Us" system.


            AND, to wait on the phone for 2hrs at international phone call rates from my home landline (again not T-mobile) is absolutely cost prohibitive, especially when calling the Customer Support phone number you get a recorded message saying that the call wait time is only 4mins (NOT 120mins+).


            If I try to place a call back request, the T-mobile system will only accept 10 digits and with the Australian dial code (61) my full number is 11 digits so is not accepted.


            What I need (and what EVERY OTHER) major organisation has, is a system whereby from my home PC I can go to the T-Mobile web site and see an option to live chat with an operator via a text type conversation. This very simple and standard option does not appear to be part of the T-Mobile web site.


            And if I could either get through to a voice representative or someone on an online chat system, the question I need an to should be very easy to answer.


            The question being --- after the last time the service monthly renewal fee is paid, how many months does the SIM card stay active, before it is de-activated and not able to be re-activated, resulting in a new SIM card and phone number having to be purchased.


            AT&T was able to answer this question in about 30secs for my wife when she online chatted with their support section, why can't T-mobile ?????



            • fabriziobocci

              Re: SIM Card expiry period

              I do have more or less the same problem. I have a prepaid SIM card from last year (september) which i used while visiting U.S.

              I'm coming back this year and i would like to re-activate it.

              I registered on here but it doesn't let me add my "old" mobile number, i can't download the app because of geo-restrictions.

              It seems there is no way to get in touch with support.

              Anyone from T-Mobile could please help?

                • magentatechie

                  Re: SIM Card expiry period

                  fabriziobocci , if your card has been deactivated for a year, you'll need a new SIM.  Your old number has likely reached "cancelled" in T-Mobile's system and if so, the card associated with it will show as "terminated" in the system and cannot be reactivated.  If you need to speak to someone from T-Mobile, you can reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.

                • 10goldstreet

                  Re: SIM Card expiry period



                  Thanks for all the help thus far and to answer a few of the above,


                  Unfortunately in Australia the T-Mobile SIM card and service simply does not work in any manner unless I had set up (apparently from within the USA) Global Roaming, but with me current PYAG ($3 per mth) account plan this is cost prohibitive especially if having to await on line for 1hr +.


                  Like wise from Australia I am geo-restricted when trying  to use the T-Mobile app.


                  Re not being ab le to find the online chat option, amazingly this morning (now 7.15am in my part of Aust) I went to the T-Mobile customer site and believe it or not, the online chat option appeared, so I went to it, put in my request and immediately received a reply --- "we are currently experiencing long wait times, but be re-assured your message has been placed in the cue and will be responded to as soon as possible -- in the meantime watch for a response" !!!!


                  Now while typing this communication (after waiting about 10mins for a response) a message has just come up ---"Go back to the previous page or log in to continue your conversation"  I am logged in, so I basically give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  All I can say is that if what I am experiencing is what all other T-Mobile customers experience when trying to get support, in Australia the company would either be Government de-registered or they would go broke because of no customers.

                  • 10goldstreet

                    Re: SIM Card expiry period

                    An Update.


                    Chat system finally came to life and after about 45mins I finally got the following responses:


                    Oh I see! Even if you are not using the T-Mobile simcard or not refilling

                    it, it will still remain active. But make sure, once you get back to

                    U.S.A, please chat us back to double check your account and reactivate

                    it as well


                    My response to this answer was --- so you are saying that a T-Mobile and associated phone number NEVER expire, but only become inactive because of non payment of the monthly refill amount, to which the response was


                    Yes you are correct, David. You can keep it and reactivate it once you

                    get back. So no need to worry about it! I guarantee you that!


                    My thoughts are that even with the guarantee given to me, I think that about every 6mths or so, on what would be re normal monthly refill date (22nd), I will add $10 just to be sure.


                    Boy, what an involved process it has been to get this information, but I hope it help others either now or in the future if they have the same concerns.