Bad Experience from "team of experts"


    I have had really bad experience from the so called "team of experts" in Minnesota, area code 612. I ordered the samsung note 9 deal and contacted before and after I made the order online. Although I made the order and payment from my own account, they put the account holder's name on the shipping address instead of my address. I called them right away. They told me it's a glitch on the website, it will actually have my name on the packag. But today I checked the order status and the ups tracking info says it's not on my name. I again contacted the customer service, they started saying all sorts of weird things. First they said it's not a sign on delivery. I was like what are you saying. It's a thousand bucks worth thing and are you saying they will just leave it at door? Since I won't be at home when the package is supposed to be delivered, I wanted to modify the package delivery options but I can't. Then they told me they will contact ups and call me at 8pm PST. I said that's too late. The package will already be delivere. Then the representative Elijah left and brought a "supervisor" Erin. She said it's a confusion, they will contact ups asap and 8pm is the time when they will notify me. Then they stopped responding without even ending the conversation. So right now I am awake in the middle of the night and no idea if I will get my phone for which I paid my hard earned money. I don't understand why this is called a "team of experts" because so far in my experience they are just the opposite. I will update this when I know what happens with the package, but nevertheless this is an example of incompetence and I'm still trying to find a proper way of reporting this.                                      

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        Hi sudipta!


        I read your entire post and I completely understand the frustration you are experiencing. I recently have experienced delayed delivery of my $200 earphones because of an incorrect address written by the company I shopped with.


        I have had some experience contacting my TEX (Team of EXperts) team, and so far it wasn't that bad, so I apologize profusely on behalf of your team to hear that you've had such a negative time with your TEX.


        I just want to verify and reiterate that at this time, TEX is only available to postpaid customers, and that when you contact your TEX team is important. If you call outside of their operating hours (7am-9pm local time), you won't actually be able to talk to your personal TEX, and will be connected to a regular customer service representative. It is possible that you have not been talking to a TEX member. For more information about TEX, click here.


        Just because a signature is not required at the time of delivery, it does not necessarily mean that the package will be left unattended. UPS is in charge of taking care of your package, and if your local driver on the route deems that leaving your package at your residence is too dangerous or risky, he or she should schedule for a re-delivery, and leave a UPS InfoNotice. For any package-related problems, UPS can only handle the problem, not T-Mobile. Once it has been sent out, it is basically out of T-Mobile's hands, and they can only do a limited number of actions. Please contact UPS by clicking here.


        Is the package under a different name, but under the same address? If that is the case, generally it shouldn't be a problem with actually obtaining your device, unless it specifically says on the tracking page that they require an ID under the labeled name. Or, have you tried signing up for UPS MyChoice? There are many options on rescheduling or even to reroute your package to a different address, if allowed to.


        As a reminder, I'm not a T-Mobile rep, however, if you need any help at all, please call 611 from your T-Mobile device. Please let me know what happens!