Buyer Beware Billing issues (Bait and Switch)?


    I have had nothing but issues with T-mobile Billing since 2016. I am just waiting on my contract to expire. Without going into much details my problem arose when I "took advantage" of the add a 2 free line promo (black Friday deal). I guess they really took advantage of me. The reps are always willing to help and most even applied a credit to my account but then after a month or two the bill wouldn't add up again and I would be back on the phone almost monthly. I wasted literally hours on the phone and chat and Facebook messages re-explaining the situation on the phone with the reps. All except one rep agreed with me that i wasn't being charged right and apply the credit and each one gave me their "personal guarantee" that it would be updated in the system. But I never heard from them again. T-Mobile has stolen money/time from me by not billing me correctly. I finally let them win and stopped calling a few months ago just wasn't worth my time and frustrations anymore. Now I just warn people anytime I can to be wary of their "bill credit". And make sure to check your itemized bills! I teach as a profession and I make sure to let my students know my issues with T-mobile!

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      • gramps28

        You know Tmobile doesn't have contracts so you can leave any time you want.


        They do have equipment installment plans that would need to be paid if you left though.


        Have you tried contacting T-Force through Tmobile's Facebook page to get this issue sorted out?

        • barcodeable

          T-Mobile have updated their Customer Service team. They are called a “Team of Experts” now. They have thrown away the the practice of customer service reps passing the buck. Now you get your own “Team of Experts” to handle your problem, based on your demographics. I have talked to them (twice) to upgrade two different sim cards for two seperate devices, it was a pleasant experience. I wasn’t passed along like cattle. Their hours of service i believe varies based on your area I guess... but its not a 24/7 service.... these guys and gals do sleep.... but if you need the customer service 24/7 line.... you may get the shenanigans that we are accustomed to when we really have an issue.


          I wouldn’t give up. I think based on T-Mobile‘s terms and agreement they are only liable to give you back 3 months of ($$$$) made in error. So I would advise to contact T-Force via Facebook / Twitter etc., as gramps28   stated. But understand.... if you give up now, you may not be entitled to anything if you begin to start complaining about billing issues 6 months from now..... even then.... if there are 7 months of billing issues.... they may pull up the agreement and only refund you 3 months of money that was billed in error.


          i really hope what i wrote or what  gramps28  posted is beneficial to your bottom line.

          Don’t give up.