Almost died because of my loyalty to t-mobile


    I'm in such a state of complete and utter lost as to how T-Mobile could be so callus in their handling of a customer who was just trying to remain that with them I purchased the device recently with cash in store the beautifully made and more than confident phone in most instances LG Stylo 4


    Super pleased with its design and its look but unfortunately its functionality was less than ideal especially considering my job which is working on power lines in remote locations previous to the Sprint merger T-Mobile had been one of the best on what is known as the I-90 Corridor here in Washington State that is where I do the majority of my work I was up on the tower with my new phone trying to get service and struggling mightily I have recently broken my leg and was not supposed to be yet back at work about was called in because of an emergency situation due to the fires wildfires were having.


    Company for which I'm employed actually uses a different networks phones I've chosen to use T-Mobile as a contractor to do the fact that it's used to in the past be the best and the most reliable in the areas in which I describe so I called T-Mobile because I was having some issues where as I had a flat tire on my truck and I was trying to email which is the only method available to us to communicate when we're out in these remote locations.


    And I was getting no data service on that phone on that device it was a horribly awkward situation whereas I had eaten for some time because it was an emergency and I was trying to get power back to some of the affected areas due to the fires and was anxiously trying to get down the mountain when I got a flat tire leaving me stranded and with the only means of communication available to meet my phone it was I was able to make phone calls but I was not able to communicate via the Internet which is what we need to do in order to communicate from person to person my company.


    Thankfully I have not yet found a way to be rid of the previous phone due to the fact that I was having some issues transferring from Samsung to LG I kept it around to keep some contacts and other things that I hadn't smoothly transition if it weren't for that fact I would still probably be stranded on that mountain nothing but bones now but I was able to make phone calls I contacted T-Mobile to try and resolve the issue so that I could get data service so that I could get assistance their best option about time was for me to call AAA thankfully the other device to Samsung device seem to get a little bit stronger signal and the area that I was in and I was able to contact a co-worker who is just a couple miles away to come and assist me with a flat



    Having  survived this horrible ordeal I thought it was a no-brainer that I go ahead and return the defective device to T-Mobile call customer service to make sure that it was okay that I return the phone I based on my experience to not the store where I originally purchased it but another store and wasn't sure that that shouldn't be a problem in my assumption is it when the care open up storefront carries the corporate brand it should represent every store


    Even though being a shirt by customer service I should have no trouble getting my cash back I went back to that store during the time when I was working just during a lunch break and rush to that store the nearest one which was about 60 miles away so taking an extended lunch break taking time away from my work after almost having my life jeopardized by this defective device I returned it to the store only to find out that they had no way of doing the return for the way in which I purchased it which was Cash


    In fact I was told that they don't even keep a hundred and $55 which was my me down deposit on that phone on hand having only credit cards from the work I did not want to put the money back on my corporate account so I went and got a prepaid card and ask them to put it on there more work that I had to do in order to try and get my money back as it turns out that card is not even though their transaction went through and that card is not authorized for point-of-sale refunds so that money call the store and ask them what I should do their best example for me and best solution was to call customer service that there is nothing that they could do for me again being punished for being loyal and doing all this work based on a defective product that they sold me on a network that didn't work when they I was promised that and depending on it for my livelihood in life


    So now it is Monday I've gone through all the pieces talk to everybody I possibly could I just got off the phone with a customer service rep who said that it's not a manager's issue that there is nothing that they can do that I'm not even authorized to speak with the manager and I promptly hung up at that point and I am at this point would be on myself my sister who works for a local news channel is going to probably run a story on this about my experience with some dramatic background music about how callous and careless T-Mobile is with the life of their people that depend on there's company in network I think it is taking a little too lightly the situation and the fact that I had to go through all that to return the device that jeopardize my life is obscene and absurd and is almost borderline Criminal.


    So shame on me for being a loyal customer for being sticking by T-Mobile for even defending the Sprint merger to my friends and family I will never do it again and I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever depend on T-Mobile for anything ever again you are a disappointment in his disgrace..

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      • drnewcomb2

        Let's see if I understand you. You work for a company that communicates only by e-mail. You had a flat tire in the middle of a forest fire and the only way you could get help was to e-mail someone? You couldn't call 911? I just don't understand something here.

          • kecon11

            Re: Almost died because of my loyalty to t-mobile

            Furst I would like to reply to the genius who stated why didnt I call 911 first if all you must have been trained by T-Mobile customer service your ability to accurately discern a situation and imeadiately deflect the onus onto another overtaxed organization realy sums up my experience here.


            I am no longer engaging those who cant understand the simple fact I was not in an emergency I was responding to an issue realated to the fires on behalf of my company would not have been an issue had the device I was sold not underperform to the extent that I had almost no coverage in an area that is blanketed with towers.


            I had a flat tire I was hungry tired and am recovering from a broken leg working because of the issues we have been facing keeping our customers with power during there struggles in this awful fire and smoke season the reason I know that phone was pos was because when I put a sim in my old phone it imeadiately got coverage had I have left the store believing what tmobile had told me I would have been stranded in my work truck at a tower with no communication hoping after four days someone would come find me.


            So that is why tmobile almost killed me had I have not hung onto and brought with me my old device would have been goobar yes I had receipt original packaging why the f do u think I am upset.


            The store I was assured would return having been only five days before this after having spoken with them


            F this iam not explaining myself to anyone iam still stuck in this system of exhausting myself trying to get back what is rightfully owed to me if not much more because of their failings and you douches instead of reading with empathy look to exonerate them you are disgusting company toads.


            If reading more than a couple paragraphs is too much for all you minions then I will post the story the local news is doing on my ordeal. Should dumb it down with pictures and dramatic music to hold your interest long enough to maybe have some empathy for the victim.





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              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Almost died because of my loyalty to t-mobile

                Having a working phone is very serious and I want to help you get it returned. Do you remember the exact stores you went to? I'd just like to make sure they were authorized dealers. It really shouldn't be this much trouble to return the phone since you have the receipt. If you have the phone for less the than the buyer's remorse time frame, there shouldn't be a problem. As for the service in that area, I can check the coverage for you and if needed, we can have our Tech Care team file a service request to get some help from our engineering team. I don't mean to drill you with questions, I just want to help.

                • drnewcomb2

                  Good luck resolving your issues. Have a nice day.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Almost died because of my loyalty to t-mobile

                I'm sorry to hear you were stranded and unable to use the service the way you wanted to. I want to make sure I'm clear on what happened as well. I'm getting the same understanding drnewcomb2 mentioned above. I'd like to get something else cleared up as well. Other than the ordeal, you mentioned you were having trouble returning the equipment correct? Did you have the receipt and box showing you purchased the device in cash? Was this a T-Mobile Authorized location or 3rd party vendor that sold other products? Sorry for the additional questions, but I want to make sure I've got everything correct with what's going on. Thanks.

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