Visual Voicemail not working iPhone SE


    Hello... long time listener, first time caller. Hoping to find a resolution to the problem I’ll describe below.


    Added a line to my acct. (Verizon port in) and since day 1 the visual voicemail has not worked (approx. 3 weeks).


    Things I’ve done:

    Hard resets

    Reset network settings multiple times (isn’t it fun losing your wifi passwords)

    Spoke to customer service multiple times who deleted and added vvm feature

    Spoke to tech support - opened a case

    Went into a T mobile store

    Spoke to Apple support


    I need this to work and I’m at my wits end. It’s most certainly an issue on T Mobile’s end because it worked as advertised on Verizon.


    Where do I go from here and how do I fix this?


    If anyone can help that would be great...Thanks

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Visual Voicemail not working iPhone SE

        Hey captain_andrew 


        Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your VVM What specifically is going on with it? Are you not getting notifications? Is it not downloading your voicemails? Are you still able to access your VM the old fashioned way of dialing 123 from your phone?

        • magenta6376064

          Wow, from what I see this has been an unresolved problem for at least 2 years maybe longer. I just switched from AT&T w iphone7 and NO visual voicemail at all. 3 calls and transferred to an apple tech once who said its deff 100% a T-mobile problem and a TM tech that had to fill out a ticket.  Not feeling good about this as I have not seen anything where the problem was solved and this has been happening to a lot of people!!  How can this go this long with no answer and alow new customers to switch over and then be screwed on the voicemail issue?? Look at other threads on this and its the same story over and over ughhh, and im a realtor and cannot miss voicemails, its my livelihood!

          • 333magenta

            Re: Visual Voicemail not working iPhone SE

            I have same problem. Visual Voicemail & Mobile Hotspot both worked fine in iOS 11.4.1, but upon upgrade to iOS 12 I lost both. Then with upgrade to iOS 12.0.1 I lost all voicemail because incoming callers get the error message that I'm out of the service area, I meant to downgrade to iOS 11.4.1 but I had data to get off my phone first. I got the data off my phone, but Apple has quit signing the downgrade, so that's now impossible. I've Reset the phone completely using every single option offered in Settings>General>Reset, which include: Reset All Settings; Reset All Content and Settings; Reset Network Settings. I've tried toggling many other settings, such as Airplane Mode, Call Forwarding, etc. When I finally added in a manual APN address the mobile Hotspot returned, and two minutes later I received a text message from T-Mobile saying it was being blocked, with a web link to somewhere to unblock, but the web link was dead and never loads. I've set & reset my voicemail password, I've called my own # many times to check my own voicemail only to hear the message that voicemail isn't available. I CAN call voicemail and hear my 5 'saved messages', but zero new voicemails for several weeks now. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP!

              • racetrack123

                Re: Visual Voicemail not working iPhone SE

                I have the same issue. I tried everything on the websites. I raised over 2 escalated TMobile issue tickets and they automatically closed them. I have been fighting this for 5 weeks now.  All generic responses “im sorry you are going through this.”


                I went to the apple store and they said it’s a carrier issue.  I am now getting new SIM cards in the mail to try this method now.


                Will keep everyone posted.


                This is by far the most annoying issue. All of my 4 iPhones are facing this. Sigh. Not sure if it’s a combination of both Apple and TMobile but let’s see if this new SIM card will work.

              • juiceit

                Re: Visual Voicemail not working iPhone SE

                I have the same problem with not getting vvm on iphone se with t mobile 55+ plan.  This seems so basic and an ongoing problem that t mobile cannot or will not fix.  bad news coming from consumer cellular.