Could not port my number after 5 days...


    I tried to port my number to what seemed like a good deal with the prepaid "rebel" plan. I ordered my SIM on Saturday and received it Tuesday and tried to activate it... no luck. I verified that my previous carrier info was ok and the rebel support person tried again on Wed. It didn't work; and the next support person said it could take 72 hours. I waited 72 hours and still no luck, and called again (each time I called, I was transferred multiple times, waited a LONG time for each and had to explain myself each time. Today, TWO Tmobile specialists got on the phone with me and my previous carrier's porting specialist...and they STILL could not move my number. As a final measure, I was told I would have to go to a TMobile store and get a temporary phone number and start over. The person at the store told me that the temp number would cost me another payment,  require another SIM card and that it could take days - AND might not work. At that point I gave up and returned to my previous carrier (Consumer Cellular). It took them about 15 minutes to activate my account and help me set my APN settings and I was good to go. I have been  waiting on hold for T-mobile customer service for over 2 hours to cancel my service and request a $45 refund for service that I have not received.

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        Re: Could not port my number after 5 days...

        Thank you for sharing your experience, longwire. That's not the first impression that we want to leave on our customers. This is not the norm by any means and it has me wondering -- where did you purchase your SIM from? Was this done through a third-party? I searched high and low and couldn't find the "Rebel" plan which is leaving me even more confused.