Tablet =/= Hotspot


    Just wanted to share an experience I had last week. I called to ask about mobile hotspots and was told by the rep that I could add an unlimited 4g hotspot to my unlimited+ account and it would cost me $25 a month. I read through the paperwork I received after placing my order and called the next day to confirm with a second rep and was assured the price and allotment were both correct. The following day yet another rep called to "redo" my order as some unknown technical issue had occurred and my order had not gone through. The following week when I finally received my hotspot and attempted to activate it I soon found out that the service I was promised didn't exist. Fortunately the 4th person I talked to knew that this isn't how things work and had the rough job of informing me that the previous 3 reps had duped me. He informed me that there was no plan for my hotspot at that price point, let alone an unlimited one, and the highest plan is $85 a month and it gets you 22 gigs of LTE followed by throttled 3g speeds. The time I wasted with these reps is a sunk cost, but hopefully it will help someone else out there. These guys aren't well trained and they are pressured to sell, do as much research online as you can before you take anything they say seriously.