What should I do to unlock a Samsung galaxy edge 7 ?


    Where do I begin sigh.... before I start, I hope you people will understand my English since It's not my first language. Anyway, I've had a problem with my phone. I have no idea to unlock it. I'm going to explain how I got into trouble. about two years ago, I bought this phone from my friend when I was in America. It worked fine at that time because I used to put AT&T sim card in it so I naturally assumed it was unlocked phone so I didn't even think to unlock it before I went back to Korea.

    I know I should've unlocked it but It already happened. I was trying to fix this problem but I heard my friend got back to Korea. I know this is silly and freaking funny but I'm seriously in need of your help. Nothing happened when I unlock it via t-mobile application. 

    I never rob this phone and I really want it to be unlocked.

    My IMEI number : 357219072335370


    SN : RF8H50LZCKB


    I know this is ridiculous and I look foolish but I lost my cell recently and I couldn't afford new one temporarily.

    I just can't sit around doing nothing. HELP ME OUT IT'S ANNOYING.  

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