Kicked out of Jump on Demand program after a return


    Hi. I need assistance with my account, I've been a jump on demand customer for several years. I recently jumped from an s9+ to an iphone X. I didn't like the iphone X and I was aware of the buyer's remorse program so I thought I'd call T-mobile to start the return process. I received a return label after my conversation with the customer service representative and I shipped the phone back to T-mobile. My problem is that this return kicked me out of the jump on demand program. . I was made aware of that last week by a supervisor at customer care when I called to place a pre-order for a galaxy note 9 and none of the 5 different customer service representatives could figure out what was wrong on my account, I presume that none of them was aware of the fact that a return would cancel a jump on demand.

    I'm really furious that I'm penalized by the lack of knowledge that all the customer representative that I had on the phone didn't tell me that a return would kick me out of the program. I would've kept the iphone X for an extra 15 days and jumped on another phone. It really doesn't make sense to me.

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