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    My LG v20 eventually starts going directly to voicemail. After fresh reboot/restart it works normally, rings and goes to voicemail after several rings. Soon, however, it simply goes directly to voicemail. Same thing happens occasionally with my wife's I-phone. Search of apps and settings on the phone has produced no answer.


    I get a sense that there seems to be a need for the device to do a fresh reconnect with the T-Mo system in order to function properly.  Weak signals? Multiple tries to connect over weak or corrupted tower signals? Device retaining settings from one tower trying to connect to another? WiFi calling interfering? Is there some simple default setting or refresh I can do to make this refresh happen automatically without phone reset?


    Search for solutions has produced only posts  expressing roughly the same problem. T-Mo posts on this have had several thousand views, so it seems this is not an isolated event.  T-Mo personnel have attempted to answer some of these posts, but to no avail. At least they tried.


    The more I try to navigate increasingly and exceedingly convoluted and complex operating systems in search of answers, the more irritated I become. To say nothing of apps that seem often most interested in exploiting access to personal information on my device without acknowledging what they are up to, my mood sinks further. If I begin to think about the time wasted on the communication system, rather than the communicating I wish to do, my sense of frustration ramps up again. Please, T-Mo, do what you can to explain this situation and suggest a fix or two.


    I've stayed with T-Mo for many years because they seem by a fair margin, the most interested in customer service.  See what you can do about this, if anything. All efforts at help are appreciated.



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