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       We have 8 lines on our  account.  Is the "free" Netflix offer per account?  per line?  or is each account number just entitled toone Netflix account?  (That would make sense.  I assume the same method will be used if we want to create a Pandora +  acct. on Tues  (21st?  28th?)

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        Pandora + will be for each of your lines. All 8 of your lines will be eligible, but make sure you open up your T-Mobile Tuesday app on the 28th of August to claim it for each of your lines. Many people failed to get the free MLB Atbat subscription because they didnt open up their Tmobile Tuesday app.


        Unfortunately the Netflix service  is per account. 2 devices will be allowed to view the netflix at a time, which is the basic service. If you want the more premium version of Netflix you will have to pay the difference.

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          You also must be on at least a T-Mobile one plan with no promotional discounts for Netflix .

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            correction conerning the Pandora +

            its available 1 per account (sorry)