Help - upgrade - Wrong IMEI








    Long story short: I am upgrading to the Note 9.



    I want to get the $500 discount by trading in my old note 5 (PERFECT CONDITION).



    During the upgrade process, I accidentally typed in the wrong IMEI.

    I have already signed my Equipment Agreement.



    Went to the store AND called T-Mobile customer support. Everyone is saying since I already signed that document, I CANNOT CHANGE MY IMEI / cancel my order.



    My only next step is:

    - Receive the Phone

    -Return the phone




    1. Can I please just get a new Equipment Agreement?





    2. If I star the whole process over again, it will be WELL past the pre-order discount time.




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      • magentatechie

        Re: Help - upgrade - Wrong IMEI

        Yikes! What a predicament! I hate to say that the only way to generate a new EIP agreement would be to place a whole new order.  You could go ahead and do this with the correct information, then when the first order arrives, decline the shipment to have it returned.  I realize that this is not ideal since there was probably a down payment involved, but there's not another way around it.