Still issues with One Plus and iPhone visual voicemail/notifications?


    I am considering signing up with T-Mobile. I had already decided to do so and then I came across some discussions about problems with the One Plus plan and the iPhone. Specifically, I read that the Voicemail-to-Text feature was interfering with iPhone visual voicemail (some people couldn't use it or weren't getting notifications. I also read that the Name ID was problematic.


    The iPhone Visual Voicemail is a very important feature for me - I'm not interested in receiving my voicemails via text message. I just want to be able to keep using my visual voicemail as I always have, and get notifications when I get a voicemail.


    So does anyone know if these issues have been resolved?


    Has T-Mobile made it possible to have One Plus and disable these features? I really don't want them at all. But I can live with it I suppose if it doesn't interfere with my native iPhone functionality. Just want to know before I move my service and am then stuck with an experience I don't like.



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      • ijk

        Yes, there are issues with the VVM feature on iPhones. I switched to T-Mobile a week ago from Verizon and wish I hadn’t. 5 new iPhone 8s and cannot get VVM to work on any of them. So...there’s no way to see if I have a voicemail other than blindly calling the voicemail service, like I did in 1990 (although my flip phone had an indicator that showed when I had a message). I’ve spoken for hours with tech support and they can’t fix it. I never once had a problem with VVM on Verizon. Maybe T-Mobile should consult them for help.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Are you using a T-Mobile branded iPhone? If so, you should be able to use the VVM feature just fine. We're not able to guarantee it'll work on any Non-T-Mobile phones.

            • magenta6616543

              tmo_mike_c - I've got a Pixel 3 that can't activate the visual voicemail. The CEO of your company has stated quite clearly and publicly that the Pixel 3 (that is also NOT a t-mobile device) is the perfect phone for the t-mobile network.  I don't know the last time you changed carriers but it's an expensive proposition at times especially now that so many of us have purchased our own phones.  I'm a recent convert from Sprint (17 years) and have been mostly pleased with T-mobiles service and support.  I get the logic of your advice of trying a t-mobile phone but the practicality of it misses the mark as some of us aren't going to, again, spend another $500-$1000 per phone on a network that advertises we can bring our own device.

            • magenta117

              Yes there are problems using visual voicemail for iPhone with the One Plus plan.

              I've been calling customer support every few days since the week of August 20th asking that it be setup.

              CS has made a few tweaks like: removing the voicemail to text feature, adding a "visual voicemail" add on to my account, and moving me to the new One Plus plan that launched August 10, 2018. This hasn't solved the problem and the support reps don't know what to do.


              Instead of a "Set Up Now" button the voicemail tab says "Call Voicemail" on the screen shown in the apple support article.

              Set up Visual Voicemail on your iPhone - Apple Support

                • magentatechie

                  Hey there! I hate to hear of your troubles, I understand this is a common issue with iPhone's native features conflicting with the add-ons included in ONE Plus.  You said that care removed the voicemail to text feature, are you sure this was done?  There is a post a while back that said it has to be done like this:


                  Good luck finding someone that understands this, but there is a special feature called a CAMEL feature that will say like "Postpaid+VVM+VM2TEXT" that needs to be changed to just Postpaid+VVM and there's also an option for voicemail that they can access (it's right by where they change the voicemail language) that can turn it off too. They're both settings buried kind of deep in one of our tools.


                  Im not sure if this fix will apply to the new ONE Plus plan, but I was curious if this is the method you've tried. 

                • magentatechie

                  I really hope that you're able to get a tech rep that can follow the instructions.  You may have to guide them in the right direction; Grand Central>Account>Voicemail.  There is an option labelled "COS" next to a drop-down box with the available settings.  You're mileage may vary, as I'm not sure if the same options are present since the Aug 10 update.


                  Good luck!

                  • bigdee69

                    Well, I signed up for the One Plus plan, and everything is working just fine, no issues with VVM for me.

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