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Prepaid Billing


    So I have been a T-Mobile customer for about 4 months.  In that time I paid my bills and actually had a 100 dollar balance.  So my wife went to China so I place the service on hold as I found out the Sales representative lied to us and told us the phone would work in China if we purchased the International service.


    So that was the first lie, the second lie was when I call T-mobile and suspended the services for two months which they told me I could do.  Then they cancelled my phone number keeping the $100 dollars that was in my account.  When I call I got a manager who told me he would pull the recording and look into the for me a call me in a day.  So that was lie number 3 as it's been a week and I am trying to contact them again.


    I called the 1800 number on google only to find that when they answered the call in two minutes they do not support prepaid.  So he told me he would get me to a service representative.  That was lie, I don't know as I have been on hold listening to this terrible music for 37 minutes at this point.


    It is $100 dollars that I believe was stolen from me so that is why I am waiting on the phone to get a representative.  I hope I find someone that will tell the the truth as thus far all I have found is a company that steal my money when possible, lies to get my money, lies about service and does not care if you are a prepaid customer.  Not sure why I am even trying to work with this company, but I guess it my principles that I feel ripped off.


    Not sure anyone will ever see this as this is posted on the T-Mobile forum, if you see this please email me at xxxxxxxxx just to know this gets posted.


    It's now been 45 minutes where they lie to me every 5 minutes saying they will get right to me to support my call.


    Good luck, if this helps you to avoid T-Mobile then I have done all I can to keep others from this terrible company.

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