lg g6 the end is near


    It's no secret that I hate the LG g6. I am not getting into the thin Q label, some cracking smoking idiot over at LG decided to call it or reinvent it.  If you take trash and gift wrap it you still have trash and the same goes for the LG g6.

    Now it appears T-Mobile has finally come to terms with the g6 and what a terrible phone it. Is. What makes me say this? Check out T-Mobile's home page and look at devices. Where is the g6??? It's at the bottom of the page, even the micro sim card got top billing over it.

    I went to a store last week that had 3 LG phones, the G7, V30 and some prepaid. No g6.

    I am predicting in the next few months the g6 will be under $250 and reduced to a mid range device