Can't make calls...please help?


    New prepaid customer. Get smoking fast data and texts fire off easily. But as soon as I try and dial a number my signal bars turn into an empty graphic. Sometimes it says no connection sometimes it says sim not registered sometimes it says other stuff. Been trying to get help here and on the T-Mobile my T-Mobile app since last night (spent a couple hours before I passed out) I spent over an hour on hold and being hung up on by an agent named Jill because she couldn't hear me clearly after waiting on hold that call for fourty call I was told the computer would call me back when an agent was available, only to have it call me back in a few minutes just to put me on hold for over twenty minutes before the phone I used to call died from a drained battery (it was at 20% an hour before but all the hold etc was longer than it had) I am very frustrated and just need help. I spent money on changing carriers because us cellular made me dial twice to make a call..NOT hands free no matter how you slice it... I have calls that I really needed to make yesterday and today..can anyone help me please? My device is a ZTE blade max 3. I don't know if I can receive calls because though it says my texts are sent I have not seen any repkies..the T-Mobile help apps and ask us a question places all say sorry they are having issues right now try later.... Please help?

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