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Gear S3 Battery Life


    My watch doesn't even get through 12 hours without battery low.  It was after the Tizen 3 debuckle.  It says I have the latest update.  Still the battery sucks.  It is different than when I first got it.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Gear S3 Battery Life

        Hey magenta7777995


        Sorry to hear your battery is not lasting as long as it normally did The standard batter life is about 2.6 hours of continual usage or up to 110 hours of pure standby. The battery is not that big in the device but it does have some pretty cool power saving options so you won't be left without knowing at least what time it is.

        • rbryinc

          Re: Gear S3 Battery Life

          That's funny, If I only wanted to see what time it was I would wear my Breitling

            • magenta7777995

              Re: Gear S3 Battery Life

              I know, right!?

              Why purchase a "smart watch" pay for cell service but only use it as a watch?  If I wanted to use it only as a watch, I would have taken the money and bought a different watch.  It was promised to have a 3 day battery life. Samsung - A SW update caused the battery issue.  Fix it.