What happens to free promo lines if plan is switched?


    I'm considering switching to Essentials, however I have 3 free promotional lines and I'm wondering what happens to those lines.  I currently have 4 paid lines (plus 1 paid tablet line) on the Simple Choice 6GB plan and 3 additional free lines that were given as promotions.  What happens to those 3 free lines if I switch to the Essentials 4-line plan?

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      • magentatechie

        Hey there, that's a great question.  I'm sorry to say that if you were to switch your plan, the lines would no longer be under promo and you'd see charges for them on your bill.

        • barcodeable

          magenta5192737  It’s always great to have available options when it comes to your cellular plan, but most people are not sure if the grass is greener with the new plan. I am not here to persuade you neither here nor there. I just want to provide you with small details that may affect your decision that you may or may not be aware of.


          The Essential vs (The Plan You Have Now)


          Have you personally done the comparison?



          Don’t pay attention to all the hype of a “New Plan” have you done the homework to see if this new plan is great for you and your family. Losing promotional lines is a big reason to keep your plan, but besides that... have you looked at the individual features (line by line) did you see what features and/or services you may lose?


          If you have not done your own price and feature comparison, I would advise you not to switch until you do. Don’t let a clever & very expensive promotional ad convince you to make a change. I have been doing some reserch concerning the Essentials Plan. Im no expert, but i enjoy gathering the facts and laying them side by side so i can make a decision based on facts and not based off of HYPE.


          People say “Not Me” . Recently, how many people have been persuaded toward a particular side (like sheep) based on promotional ads?


          Your question was geared toward concerns for your 3 promo lines.... and not necessarily if migrating to the new Essential plan is beneficial to you. If you want my 2 cents (I’ll be happy to share my research with you), but, if you are not interested in what I have to say in regards to migration from this plan to that plan (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly truth of new plans) then I hope   The new Essentials Plan is a great fit for your needs.


          Have a wonderful rest of your year