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Magenta Friday Billing Issues


    Its 2018 and im still having issues. I signed up for the account the week of the Magenta deal and got my sim cards and numbers that they gave me( which to me means that my account is active right?). Then the next week on black friday i traded in my phones from sprint and ported all my numbers in. I was supposed to get the gift cards for porting in 4 lines but only received 1. Not only that when i traded in my iphone 6 the girl at tmobile puts it in as an iphone5 so im not getting the correct trade in value till this day. Its been a year and 7 months and im still calling and fussing with them about this issue to where they give me 30-50 dollar credit, then rinse and repeat. I thought i singed up for open 2 lines and get 2 lines for free but apparently im not eligible for it. Plus in march 2017 they offered a free line to any tmobile customer with a tmobile plan, guess im not eligible for that cuz they are charging me for them too.Just recently in July they gave me the 5th line for free but they are still charging me for 3 of the 4 lines i signed up for. Even now i regret leaving sprint. I had an awesome plan just crappy connections. Today i called Tmobile to check up on the calls that i was supposed to receive like 3 weeks ago, and they tell me "sorry sir we cant give you any more credit" like as if i was tryin to be a free loader and trying to waste my time talking to them every month. Nope i dont want that, i want you to fix it so im paying what im supposed to be paying. Big company like that and u can jus fix it?

    so diappointed in you guys. hope they read this. would i recommend Tmo to anyone? maybe people i hate and wanna give them stress gggggggahhhhhhhhh

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        Re: Magenta Friday Billing Issues

        Oh my goodness! Our promotions are meant to reward you and not to cause you trouble! We want to make sure you get the promotions you qualify for but we are unable to see your account here on a user forum. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would recommend that you use the icons in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and do a full audit of what has transpired and determine the next best steps.