Unable to login to My T-Mobile Account


    I set up a Prepaid Tablet Data Account ("Mobile Internet Network Access) about 3 weeks ago, and received an email "Welcome to T-Mobile" with my new phone number.  I have called Technical Support several times, because when I try to login to My T-Mobile (using either phone number or email), there is an error message that I am not authorized to use this account.  I went to a T-Mobile Store, and they were able to access my account, so I know it's active.


    T-Mobile Support just said this is a known issue, affecting many new accounts.  The last tech said she would "escalate" my request, and get back to me.  I've heard nothing.


    Seems like a wimpy reply.  Anyone else having this problem, or know how to resolve it?



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Unable to login to My T-Mobile Account

        Sorry you haven't heard anything back but it's super important we get you account access. We file Help Desk tickets for issues like this so we should be able to give you an update on it if you haven't gotten one by now. Please reach out to our T-Force folks through the social media links in my badge or on our Contact Us page. They'll be able to look into this issue for you further.

          • beachcondo99

            Re: Unable to login to My T-Mobile Account

            Hi Mike,

            When I try to use "Contact Us" to send message, it takes me to "My T-Mobile Account" which I can't access.

            So how exactly do I "reach out to our T-Force folks" to set up a Help Desk ticket, without going through "My T-Mobile Account"? 

            (With my repeated calls to T-Mo Technical Support, there probably already is a Help Desk ticket, so doing this again likely won't solve anything.)

            I suspect this is a massive website problem.  I also have a very old "legacy Pay As You Go" account, which is still active.  I can't access this account on "My T-Mobile Account" either; I get the exact same error message: "You are not authorized to use this account."

            Technical Support did not seem surprised at this, saying it was a "known issue", so it probably affects many T-Mo subscribers.  I just wanted to get in touch with other affected subscribers, while I'm waiting for T-Mo to fix what appears to be a massive technical problem on the T-Mo Website.