T-Mobile Cellspot 3G/4G & 4LTE Lights not on.


    RESOLVED:  After receiving my new Cellspot and connecting it according to the directions it took approx six hours to get four green lights to come on, i.e., Power to GPS.  However, the last two, the 3G/4G & 4G LTE, did not come on, even after leaving it to boot up overnight.  After contacting T-Mobile and being ultimately passed on to a Specialize Tech in this matter I learned that T-Mobile (sometimes) has to 'UNLOCK' the 3/G/4G & 4G LTE feature.  Accordingly, while on the phone the tech unlocked (authorized) the feature and within five minutes the Cellspot was up and running.  Phone instantly went from two bars to 'five' bars.  Works beautifully now.

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