Extremely Rude Store Employee -- verbal insults




    I am overall *very* happy with T-mobile as a customer and believe that T-mobile is transforming the mobile industry on a daily basis.
    However, the customer service that I experienced today at a retail store was a *horrible* experience, worse than "dumb and dumber" (at&t & verizon). To be honest, I think this might be the *WORST* customer experience I have ever had in my life. The retail store employee was not only very rude and unhelpful, but he got to the point of insults and verbal abuse.

    Date: 08/18/2018
    Time: 10:15am
    Greenwood Village T-Mobile
    Yosemite & Belleview
    4940 S Yosemite St. St. E5
    Greenwood Village, CO 80111

    Employee: Name unknown, late twenties, red-haired beard


    Conversation (paraphrased):
    Employee: What's up?
    Customer: Hi, I wanted to ask some questions about my plan and see if I'm getting the best deal.

    Employee: What's your number? Name?
    Customer: xxx-xxx-xxxx, My name is xxxx.
    Employee: Yup, you're on the best plan. (brief, dismissive)
    Customer: Can you give me more details? How much am I paying? What are the features?
    Employee: You're paying for two lines, you're on the best plan. All other plans are more expensive.
    Customer: Well, can you tell me more about the other plans features?
    Employee: You're on the best plan. (brief, dismissive)
    Customer: I heard you say that before, I'd like to evaluate my options or consider upgrading.
    Employee: There's option 1 which would be only data but it's $90. Then there's option 2..
    Customer: Hold on, I want to know more about option 1.
    Employee: Well I would tell you more about it if you weren't being such a d*ck about it.
    Customer: (disbelief) I came in the store, asking for education about my plan. Can you not do that?

    Employee: Get out.
    Customer: I'm allowed to be in a public store.
    Employee: (opens drawer points to a button) If I push the button, I'll have the police come and take you out.
    Customer: No need, I can walk out on my own (further disbelief, heading towards door)
    Customer: What's your name?
    Employee: I'm not telling you.

    Customer: I am very happy with T-mobile in general, but this experience was horrible. (opening door exiting store)

    Employee: (mumbled) Go f*ck yourself.Customer: What did you say?

    Employee: Nothing.
    Customer: I heard what you said. (closed door, left store).

    End of conversation


    No one, no human (customer or employee) deserves to be insulted or treated this way.

    I am very confused as to how me asking questions about a phone plan could have ended up in being insulted and threatened to have police called on me.
    The way I was treated makes absolutely no sense to me in any context.
    I hope there is a store recording or a transcript that can lead to a more accurate depiction of events, so this can be investigated further.
    I understand that this is a single employee that has no tact/training and should likely not be in a customer interfacing role.


    In stark contrast, minutes later, I got on the phone with a T-mobile Customer Service rep based in Wichita, Kansas and received the absolutely GREAT service that I'm used to getting with T-mobile. This phone rep addressed all my questions and even brought up features on my plan that I was not aware of, like the Gogo in-flight feature.
    This customer service represented True Customer Service and true Customer education. This guy (Chao, I believe was his name) saved T-mobile's reputation.


    T-mobile needs more employees like the phone rep and less like the retail store guy.
    I truly hope this complaint does not go unnoticed.



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      • nicholaslaranda

        I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. I hope that one employee experience doesn't make you think that's how we all treat our customers.


        There is absolutely no excuse for his behaviour and makes all of us who work for T-Mobile feel and look bad.


        I hope someone can offer you some resolution.


        As for my self, I just wanted to thank you for bringing this situation to attention.


        If our coworkers can't be held accountable, then how can we strive to be the best mobile carrier?


        I wish you good luck and I hope you have other stores in your area to provide future, better, service.

        • dc5fan

          Re: Extremely Rude Store Employee -- verbal insults

          Was the store a corporate or 3rd party? When I first signed up for service I went to a 3rd party. The person that sold me my SIM also set up my S5 unlocked phone. A couple od days later he didn't know anything about what bands were in the area. About 4 miles away there was a corporate, and I go there. Any time I go there, or call, they are very courteous and helpful. This is in my area. I hope there are 3rd party stores that are better customer oriented.