I have purchased a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card and it appears that I cannot activate it because it is on "reserve status". Which department is responsible for removing this status given that this is not allowing me to activate my phone? I have been continuously been forwarded from the prepaid department to the activation department and to case work,back and forth. I need to get this cleared.PLEASE HELP.

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      • lmaocean

        Hey there!


        Sounds like a huge pain! I'd love to help more, but I am not too sure about prepaid plans. Sorry!


        Have you tried visiting a T-Mobile store to talk to someone in person? That usually is much more effective, so that your problem is fixed then and there. They may even be able to get you a new SIM card!


        Check for your nearest T-Mobile stores here.



        • tmo_amanda

          Good morning, magenta5875590!


          Did you get your SIM activated yet? I'm so sorry you've been getting the run around to complete a simple task. If it's still not activated, can you please let me know where you purchased your SIM and if you already started the port in status?

            • nafa


              Hi Amanda - I'm having the same problem.  I purchased mine online.  I don't know what you mean by "starting the port in status".  I did indicate when I ordered it online that I wanted to use my existing number.  I am also not near a T-mobile store. 

                • magentatechie


                  Hey there!  "Starting the port-in status" would refer to T-Mobile requesting your number from your previous carrier.  When you placed your online order, did you input your account number and PIN in the area where you state that you wish to use your existing number?  Your post below says that this is a replacement SIM, but is it for a new line or an existing line on your T-Mobile account?  Were you told by care that your SIM is in reserve status?

              • magenta5875590

                Hello Amanda

                Unfortunately my prepaid SIM card which is on reserve cannot be released for reasons which have not been explained to me and my purchase order has been cancelled. No one is in a position to explain to me why. The SIM card was a prepaid card which expires in 2019. I have spoken during the past weeks with over 15 !! representatives and I have paid over 100Euros in telephone calls just waiting and waiting and waiting. Unfortunately I am located in Europe and cannot visit a shop in person.

                I have requested my money back because this is totally unacceptable. I will be cooperating with another carrier who knows how to serve customers properly.

                  • nafa

                    Did you get this resolved yet? I just received a replacement SIM and am having the exact same problem.  An hour on the phone with T-Mobile didn't help at all. They told me to call a new number later in the day, though the last time they did it, I just got a message telling me to send them physical mail at a PO box. 


                    Also, for your calls to T-Mobile, I strongly suggest you use the Google Hangouts dialer or other app so you don't have to pay long-distance charges.  With hangouts, it's free to call US numbers, no matter where you are located.