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Free line promotion issue


    I started a new service with Tmobile 4/2/17 with 2 lines paid and a third line free. We paid for the third line for months till I realized it. Have started calling every month to get the 3rd line free, they give me a credit and tell me they'll fix it. Still not fixed and today was told I "didn't qualify for the free line and unfortunately their Salespeople aren't always trained very well and they are working on doing better" Well guess I am stuck paying an additional $19 a month more. Simply not impressed. I was promised the 3rd line free and now I'm stuck paying for it. Tmobile is getting too big and now that they have a big customer base they can start acting like all the other phone companies do and it's about the numbers instead of the service now. Disappointed and mad

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      • msyassin

        Re: Free line promotion issue

        This apparently is standard procedure at T-Mobil stores. Bait and switch is exactly what their sales people are doing. They sell you BOGO but bill you for both. When I called in, and after over a half hour on the phone, I was told it was fixed, only to get billed again next month. Another call and another over a half hour with rep only to have him tell me that their sales rep at the T-Mobil store was wrong, and that the BOGO promo had expired the day before, and that I should just take it with the salesperson at the store.

        I won't waist anymore of my time. A class action lawsuit is in the works.

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        • mrtrbx

          Re: Free line promotion issue

          Yikes! That has to be frustrating! Have you already reached out to their social media department? I can't promise that they can do something that the other reps you've spoken with, but I know that they will go through every possible option and avenue! I would recommend shooting them a DM or a Private Message on Facebook, and just let them know the whole situation! Did they say why you don't qualify all of a sudden?

          • magenta5842407

            Re: Free line promotion issue

            Last person I talked to said there was no free line promotion when I signed up and the Salesperson in the store wasn't trained well enough. I have it written on the contract that I signed that I was getting a free line, because I wanted to make sure that I had documentation of it. I am not on Facebook.

            • magenta6515089

              Re: Free line promotion issue

              Exact same issue. I thought I was alone. Had been calling every month since June 2017 for sometimes hour long back and forth dialogues. Been considering a lawsuit for the longest time and I think I am ready for a class action if you all are.

              • bradgrant

                Re: Free line promotion issue

                So, I will explain what happened to me and it is very elaborate.  During the sale in November of 2016 with 2 free lines I was on Simple Choice friends snd family. Even though they said there might be a problem they still promised if I added 2 more lines they would be free. I was paying about 215 with taxes and fees included to simplify this. So, at the time I had 5 unlimited lines. Based on the promise that when I called in I would get 2 free lines for being a long term customer I moved ahead. The person on the phone said they could give me the 7 lines gir somewhere between 140-160 dollars.  It seemed to good to be true. An amazing offer.  While I was talking through everything the call dropped. So, I called back in with a new associate.  The other associate called in but the new rep told me to she had me and I said the other rep said it might not be possible because I already had a free line built into the 5 unlimited lines. So the new rep assured me that the first rep didn't know what he was talking about. After switching to Tmobile One Plan to get 2 free lines and a large enough discount to accept the failures of Tmobile One I was ported to the new plan. The new plans quoted price wasn't anywhere near the quoted price of 140-160 give or take a few dollars but well below 200 dollars. Shortly after the quote the first rep asked if everything was okay and sounded worried. I called back in and was transferred to accounting. Accounting canceled everything off and reversed everything stating buyers remorse. So I was st 5 lines again snd needed one more but because of the canceled lines I couldn't even add one free line. I was upset. I filed a complaint. I waited to hear from them for months. Finally I called in and they said the complaint was sealed from me because of wrong doing associates did. They basically manipulated me into believing something that wasn't true with a bait snd switch. But they give me a horrible offer which I took. I was upset. I added a 6th line eventually but was still very upset. I was paying 200 dollars for crap service compared to my simple choice. So I demanded in no other terms they fix it. I called and messaged a 100 times over the entire year of 2017. They finally took off 20% and added promo plus to each of the 6 lines. I'm still pretty upset today about it. I wanted 7 at the time but have 6 now. I still want 7 but whatever. The next line I get will be offered free with plus or it's absolutely not a new line ever again. I have been considering switching as well. In amy case I now have 6 lines with promo plus and premium Netflix at 163 dollars fees taxes included.  It only took me over a year. I made tmobile pay me 500 dollars in credits for wasting my time in no other terms. I'm still rattled about the entire thing because I probably should have gotten free service for 10 years as a settlement because what they did was unfair business practices. I have full evidence on the account of all of this. I got yo the point where they could either release the tapes of the conversation and the complaint report findings or they could fix this. I wasn't going to go away.