Don't understand getting told one thing and than another


    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S9+ on Aug 11,2018 (Saturday). I bought a screen protector for my phone. I really dislike it. It was really hard to type with it on. I had to take it off for me able to type. Yesterday Aug 12,2018 (Sunday) I took it back to the store. I went there to get some questions answers and also about the screen protector for it. I told him it was hard to type. That I really don't like it at all. He asked me if I had my receipt with me. I told him no, I don't. He told me bring it back tomorrow (Aug 13,2018 Monday) and I can get a refund for it. So I brought it back today Aug 13,2018. It was a different person. I told her what the issue was. She just switch it for another one. But to the same company I had. The one I had issue for. She said if I don't like this one. Bring it back in and we will try a different kind but have to pay out of pocket more for it. I just don't understand why I couldn't get my refund like I was told. As long I brought in the receipt and all accessories can return for a refund. I really hate this stupid screen protector. It doesn't fit on my phone. It's not even at all. $44.99 for it just went down the drain. I just hate getting told one thing to another.


    Has anybody else had this problem?

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      • tmo_amanda

        I'm sure there's nothing more frustrating than to be told two different pieces of information from the same store, magenta5835428 , and I'm sorry that is the case. You paid a lot of money for a screen protector that doesn't meet your needs. Did you by chance speak with the store manager about this yet? As long as you have your receipt and are within 14 days of purchase, you should be able to return the screen protector.

        • dc5fan

          By chance did you use a credit card? If so call your credit card and explain the problem. I use my card for any purchases over $5. On my phone I placed a protector, and it was bought and installed by a corporate T-Mobile store. A couple of weeks ago I received a replacement. One suggestion I would use a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth and CAREFULLY press down from the top to the bottom. Try tapping on the phone again to see if that may help.