BOGO and Carrier Buyout

    Back in Jan 2018, I decided to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile for the sole reason to have them buy out my phones with Sprint.


    While doing the process, the salesman pushed the BOGO promo as well. I specifically said, well, the buyout was more than the phone, and I would be paying the monthly amount anyway, so I would rather have the buyout.


    "OH NO!, these 2 promotions are stackable"


    I even had him call his manager. He called the store manager, and the assistant. They BOTH said yes, these are stackable promotions.


    Going through the process, there were issues twice, where they told me they messed up. This is support online, I mean. But the 6-8 week wait time was started over, but not worries, the rebate was coming.


    Still not rebate. Meanwhile, Sprint hits my account for over $1200 automatically for not paying them off.


    Now, 8 months later, they tell me the promotions are not stackable. This for the first time in 8 months that I was actually told that.


    So, I am looking into how my lawyer and I can prove this was misrepresented to me. But if they aren't going to do anything for me, then I will for sure switch carriers. There is no reason to stay here.


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    • Eastland Plaza
    • 2569 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OH  43232-4964
    • 614-751-7400

    This is the store of liars, I guess.

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