Trade-in question


    I'm planning to get the new Note 9 and I was worrying about the trade-in discount.


    I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which isn't in perfect condition.


    - It has the pink line, on the right side of the screen. (I looked it up and it's a common issue)

    - the charging port doesn't work anymore. (I now use a wireless charger)

    - paint coming off the home button


    I won't be able to trade it,  right?

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Trade-in question

        Based on what you've said here, unfortunately you won't be able to trade in the device.  It has to be in resalable condition for T-Mobile to honor the trade-in.

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Trade-in question

          You can trade it in but T-Mobile will zero the value and keep it just the same. Your better bet would be to get it unlocked and see what you can get for it on Swappa. From your description, it probably won't be worth a lot. The charging port not working is a value-killer all by itself. Probably best to keep it as a spare, IMHO.

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