Charged below the balance


    They charged me 75 dollars even my balance is 0, I want the full refund.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Charged below the balance

        That's odd! Did you have a payment arrangement set up?  If you had an automatic payment scheduled it will still debit even if you pay it early.  You can call 611 and request a payment refund.

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        • mrtrbx

          Re: Charged below the balance

          Exactly what @magentatechie said! This is very odd! The only thing I can think of is also if you have an arrangement set for a payment to come out like was said already! If you have an arrangement or a payment scheduled, and you pay that early I would definitely recommend calling in or reaching out on social media to cancel the payment. I would definitely recommend reaching out to T-Mobile directly so they can get into the account and help with this hiccup! They have a Facebook you can private message, or you can DM their Twitter @TmobileHelp if you don't feel like calling in!