Long hold time, multiple transfers and dropped Customer Service calls


    To TMobile Customer Service Management:


    TMobile's service was on top of my best service provider in the past, but this few days experiences' just drop TMobile to the bottom.


    I have spent a total of 6+ hours on hold, being transferred and dropped calls (I use landline for these calls) in the past few days by multiple TMobile reps.


    Every call is on hold for between 15 minutes to 1 hour. Then, transfer to someone else once or twice. Then, calls were disconnected after clarifying with the rep to reverse the incorrect charges.


    The last rep I discussed with today even refused to transfer me to her supervisor....


    Is there another way to submit complain to TMobile Customer Service Management?


    I would appreciate someone from TMobile Customer Service Management contact me to resolve this ASAP without the drop calls, transfers and another round of long on hold time after being called back from the wait queue.







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      • glxygurl4lyfe

        Better Business Bureau does it.

        • tmo_amanda

          Woah, you've been through a lot, Sunny ! I'm sad to read that we used to be top notch in your book and now we've moved down the list a bit (understandably so). It sounds like you have a few issues that need to get handled ASAP and the fastest team that can make that happen is our T-Force team. You can reach them through Facebook or Twitter by messaging them. They're top-notch customer service reps and everything is done in a written form which will prevent you from having to repeat yourself. Can you give that a shot and let me know how it goes?

          • fumingcustomer

            I have now been on hold for an HOUR and 40 minutes and counting...... TMobile SUCKS..... I have had horrible service lately and now can NOT reach anyone. Seriously gonna go back to Verizon, their service may have had some issues but at least they answered their phones.

            • fumingcustomer

              OK1 hr 50 min on hold and then transferred 3 times to be hung up on, where are these people who answer the phones... WHO are these people... they are NOT very helpful, seems like they read a script and pass you on, then when confused just drop the call and now its ANOTHER 2 HR wait and NO RESOLVE to the issue.... really really getting angry over this. Verizon looks like they are in my near future, or anyone other than TMOBILE.

              • saradora

                BS!!! They put me on hold and transfer me constantly. I’ve on the phone for two and half hours, still counting. I hate repeating myself that some of the representatives don’t understandwhat your telling them like they‘re not paying attention to you. You tell them the issue and ask you what the issue I’m experiencing, really?

                • keithknights

                  I have been a T-Mobile customer for many years and have never really had any issues with their service until today. I have been trying to reach customer service for 1 hour and 41 minutes and 15 seconds (As of right now). Why can't T-Mobile manage to provide better customer service? The best way to get a company to react is to start posting all these issues on social media and spread around the news about their customer service. I now have to do some research and consider switching to ATT or Verizon. Thanks T-Mobile for the worst customer service I have ever experienced in 32 years of my existence. I highly recommend searching for another company. I rather pay a larger bill with Verizon and have awesome customer service than stay with T-Mobile. Can they not afford to hire customer service reps? Maybe T-Mobile is struggling to compete with its competitors.

                  • purrpurr

                    Two nights in a row and this is only to get my short code texts to me....apparently, every couple of hours I need to have them reset the network. And yes last night for me was nearly a 3 hour transfer and hold situation. Tonight, I'm already clocking in at 1 hour and still no live person - and I know the live person will not only be scripted but they will tell me I need another department...it's always the case.


                    I don't know why anyone would refer to T-mobile as top-notch customer service. Even at customer service conventions - they NEVER put T-mobile even on the scale of the top 500 customer service. T-mobile could learn a thing or SOME from Zappos. Zappos has repetitively been used as business case scenarios.  Visit their campus at their headquarters - and on a personal level - Zappos really does have the best customer service out of America, I'm not too sure how they stand globally but I'd assume they are still considered best.


                    It seems like at min. once a month I need to call into T-mobile regarding the same issues, I told them this has always been an issue with iPhones, Samsung and LG phones. And I'm freaking tired of factory resetting my phone and this happens all over again the following month.

                    • magenta6839604

                      As a postpaid customer, for over 10 years, I have now been on hold for over 2 hours!! I have also experienced the frustration of every time being on hold for over an hour, only to be either disconnected or passed around. And after the hold time on one of my calls, I was told to go to a  T mobile store as they would be able to help me faster, this after being on hold for over an hour.  Their customer service has gone down hill. And their chat service is never available. Why offer  a service if you never are going to utilize it?

                        • magentatechie

                          I'm really sorry to hear that you're having a hard time getting through for assistance.  Is there something that perhaps we can assist with here? No one can access your account directly, but there are a ton of wise and learned individuals who can provide troubleshooting and general information if needed.  Failing that, if you have a problem that does require direct account access, you could try reaching out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.  I had an issue with the iPhone Trade In Trade Up promo that ended last week and they were able to solve my problem in about 10 minutes.

                        • williammobilesucks777

                          I've been through 3+ hours of hold time. T-mobile is absolutely pathetic. Last time I called service was 3 years ago and it took 60s. After getting a representative they can't take my check for payment because its over 25 dollars??(No other company has this issue), as I've lost my debit card and it won't be replaced for 7 days. Now I've wasted hours for nothing.


                          Thanks T-mobile for becoming one of the worst carriers.