Long hold time, multiple transfers and dropped Customer Service calls


    To TMobile Customer Service Management:


    TMobile's service was on top of my best service provider in the past, but this few days experiences' just drop TMobile to the bottom.


    I have spent a total of 6+ hours on hold, being transferred and dropped calls (I use landline for these calls) in the past few days by multiple TMobile reps.


    Every call is on hold for between 15 minutes to 1 hour. Then, transfer to someone else once or twice. Then, calls were disconnected after clarifying with the rep to reverse the incorrect charges.


    The last rep I discussed with today even refused to transfer me to her supervisor....


    Is there another way to submit complain to TMobile Customer Service Management?


    I would appreciate someone from TMobile Customer Service Management contact me to resolve this ASAP without the drop calls, transfers and another round of long on hold time after being called back from the wait queue.







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