LGG7 Process com.lge.jansky.service continuously runs with alarming battery drain


    Battery drains at an impressive rate bring my 100% to 0 in hours even if my screen time is minimal. I have located the process behind it and believe it is related to digits. I have taken all usual precautions when dealing with a battery issue and know from my battery monitor that the process com.lge.jansky.service is the issue. that process is connected to both network and android (call specifically) services, both have a history of 500+% battery usage over time. I tried to disable the process, but an error telling me that the service isn't running repeatedly pops up making my phone unusable, and i couldn't locate the process that controls the pop up to just disable that too. I use digits everyday, I didn't have the digits app installed on my LGG7 at first, i thought perhaps that was the issue and installed it to no avail. I feel i have explored every avenue left to me with no root access, little salty about that. Is there a setting i need to enable to give my phone better communication with digits, or is this an issue with the LGG7 perhaps? I switched from an S8 last week and never had these issues.

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