Rude, unprofessional Activations Supervisor named DONNA


    Whilst at the Costo T-Mobile kiosk, I had the unfortunate opportunity to try to interact with Donna, a Supervisor from Activations department.

    The agent at the kiosk tried to explain the problem to her and got nowhere. I got on the phone, put it on speaker and tried to explain the situation.

    She cut me off and started shouting, ranting and raving over the speakerphone. Other customers walking in the area stopped to listen and were as appalled as we were at her loud, repetitive, endless shouting.

    She would not let me get a word in and kept shouting, although I kept saying "excuse, me" several times. When she finally paused, I inquired if I could ask her a question and if I could get her name.

    In response, she said "no" and promptly hung up on me!!

    The agent at the kiosk had gotten her name when he first started the "conversation" with her and eagerly gave it to me as he hoped I would report her.

    The behavior and attitude she displayed was unprofessional and uncalled for by anyone, but especially from a supervisor.

    No one on our end ever even raised a voice towards her.

    (We couldn't have if we wanted to as she would not stop ranting to let us even say anything at all in reply.)

    Agents/supervisors like this give a potential customer serious pause...I might pay more at Verizon but the agents and supervisors have always been extremely polite and respectful!

    I would like to add that the agent I spoke with earlier in the day in Sales was extremely polite and tried to help - his name was Andre and is truly someone Donna could learn a lot from about how to treat your customers.

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