Does T-Mobile have a 50GB or 32GB Throttling Threshold?


    I just recently noticed a 32GB threshold before throttling your data in the event of network congestion advertised on T-Mobile’s website. So, has T-Mobile reversed their uncarrier throttling cap feature from 50GB to 32GB? and is this reversal for current or newbies?


    How can they loudly raise the limit to 50GB critisizing AT&T/Verizon’s low threshold amount, but then lower their threshold quietly to 32GB with no press coverage? Is that considered deceptive practices. When something changes on our account, we should be notified either via email or text. I shouldn’t have to stumble upon changes when I’m merely browsing the web.


    NOTIFY US PLEASE T-MOBILE whenever you make changes to our service, plan, or features. Just don’t tell us when you do something when it makes you look better than your competitor

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