Oreo update for LG G6 broke Android Auto - revert to Nougat?


    The Oreo update that rolled out a couple of weeks ago resulted in one catastrophic problem...


    Android Auto no longer runs on compatible head units. Connecting the phone causes it to show up as an incompatible device.


    It worked perfectly with Nougat, but there are numerous problems reported with Oreo. (See this (long) Google groups thread for one such report: Google Groups )


    Considering that the ability to run AA on my head unit was a big reason for my selecting the G6, I'm now left with either a useless head unit, or a useless LG G6, depending on how I look at it each time.


    Figured I'd look how to downgrade to Nougat since T-Mo don't provide an official mechanism, but all the firmware images out there appear to have embedded trojans. So not risking that.


    Would be nice if T-Mo would provide an official way to restore the original Nougat phone firmware, so I can get back to using my phone to run Waze while driving... Y'know, the whole reason I got it.


    (And no, it's not a T-Mo-limited issue. LG G6 users on Verizon are reporting the same, as are other non-LG phone users who went through the upgrade. Therefore it's a Google problem rather than a phone or carrier problem. However Google is completely non-cooperative.)


    So, T-Mo... what do you say to taking pity on us users who can't use our phones fully since you pushed out the Oreo update? Can you allow us the opportunity to undo the update?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        When OS updates roll out, it's possible that apps may not be optimized for use with the new phone software. In most cases, the app developers will update the app to work better with the new device software. I'm going through this same thing too on my LG V30. All my downloaded apps worked fine before Oreo, but now, 2 of them are having a bit of trouble. Now, I'm keeping my eye out for the apps to get an update that'll have them work smoothly like they did before. The other factor is there's no time frame when the apps will update. So right now, it's just a waiting game.

          • magenta5840271

            Except this isn't an app issue, rather an OS issue.


            And it's more than "a bit of trouble", as evidenced by the thread that I linked in my original post (which was at 109 replies when I last checked it).


            Reboot the phone. AA won't be running once it comes back up. Plugging it in should cause it to load. That's not happening.


            Something about the USB connection detection or handshake is awry in Oreo, causing the head unit to reject the phone's connection, and the phone not to detect that it's actually connected to something compatible.

              • tmo_mike_c

                I understand. This is something that'll need to be fixed at the developer level. I wish I had another suggestion other than that, but I'm guessing a change in the app will need to be made for it to work. Especially since this is happening across multiple devices on different carriers.

                  • subbuparam

                    I installed the latest security update (Oct 1, 2018 update) on my G6 and that caused BT AVRCP to fail in my car (2017 Subaru Outback). It was like the flip of a switch. just the previous day I used it in my car, but then it stopped working. I thought it was only my car and tried it in other cars (Honda Odyssey, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry) and I have the same problem. BT works fine otherwise. Neither T-Mobile nor LG is able to give me a solution. But it does seem to be a prevalent issue according to several Android forums. Google seems to have released a fix for this in Oreo 8.1, patch release. The release itself came out on Oct 26th. Do you know when it will be available @ T-Mobile? If its not in the near future, the only other option I have now, is to change my phone and not install any updates until Android Pie is out

                    tmo_mike any help will be greatly appreciated. I don't want to change just for the heck of it

              • slownis

                I would also like to add a little extra weight to this discussion.  I recently bought a refurb g6 and am having the same issue.  No matter what I do, I am unable to make the connection to my car.  I really wish this could be fixed sooner rather than later.

                • aquaadverse

                  Same issue. AA no longer works. LG V20 here. Called  LG who sent me back to T-Mobile who said I need to deal with LG. Factory reset, enable developer options, install and reinstall AA, clearing cache and data, uninstalling updates to google play services etc....Nothing works. My wife's Galaxy 8 still works perfectly fine running 8.0.


                  LG told me that 8.1 seemed to fix the issue and was up to T-Mobile . I have around $1000 invested in a head unit and phone that was primarily purchased to run AA as I travel extensively for work. While I can root my phone and flash another ROM or revert back to my Note 4, this is not satisfactory.

                  • capex.r@gmail.com

                    The same ISSUE. The LG g6 does not work with Android Auto. Tested all listed option.