Victim of port out scam



    Recently for couple days I have been a victim of port out scam.

    My email and bank account all connect to a phone number. The hacker was able to get into both and reset them and took all my money. When he tried to reset those 2 password, those 2 sent sms text verification to my phone number.

    Somehow the hacker was able to see those sms base verification.

    That is the port out scam.

    I already let tmobile know of the situation and they set up the port validation and assured me that it won't happen again.

    But I am still worry.

    What should I do now?

    Close the account and open a new one?

    Or keep the account and get new phone number?


    Tmobile said the port validation stop it happening again. That's mean stop future hacker.

    What about the previous hacker, the one that was able to forward sms base verification to his number?

    Since the port forward system already forward to him before. Will he still able to receives it?


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Victim of port out scam

        Oh that's just horrible, but I'm glad you reached out to our Care team to report this. You wouldn't need to do anything additional but if you'd like to change your number for more piece of mind, you can do so. I wouldn't recommend trying to change the account entirely.