tmobile customer support


    i have been a tmobile customer since its inception for over 15 yrs , through the years i have paid tmobile thousands of dollars always aon time and never late...recently i have been shopping for a new phone and was looking for a credit from tmobile to cover the device..first off the loyalte departmart has been disbanned ( they had always taken care of me in the past.) . second seems tmobiles best off is a $100 credit after i pay full retail on a lg stylo 4 currently at $250....tmobile offers new customers credits of upwards of $500 or more but if your already a loyal customer of excellent standing , you get a sub par offer at there no supervisor or v.p. at tmobile who even cares or can make this happen...i could easily port my number and service over to anther carrier and ditch the whole tmobile service all together....figured i would give this one last whole hearted try....why does it seem that the better deal is to switch and not be loyal at all....though tmobile was a family far my experience has been all about buisness and maybe im the fool for thinking i should treat it in any other fashion....your move tmobile....

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