Issue with Friends and Family 2 Lines on Us and free tablet promo


    Back in 2016, my wife and I signed up for the Friends and Family 2 Lines on Us deal where we also got two tablets. Originally, we got Coolpads, but ended up going to an authorized service center, and they switched us out with two LG Gpads. The authorized service center really screwed up our account. We're only getting one line for free under this plan, and have only been getting that line free since the beginning. We've called customer support multiple times and it's still not completely resolved. They say they can't add that line under the promo as the promo is gone, but I feel we should be given credit back where we've been paying for that line. Has anyone else had this much of a problem after going to an authorized service center and not a corporate store? This has currently been an extra $25 per month that we've been paying for almost two years. Not to mention the fact we have another device on our account that we're paying for that was returned long ago. We've been long time customers. The last time we called, we were told it would be escalated and we would be called back. That never happened.


    Our account was screwed up quite a bit. We had items put on an EIP plan that were supposed to be credited, but weren't because they were associated with the wrong device. I regret signing up for that "free" promo as it's been a huge headache.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hmm that's a super bummer because we want folks to take advantage of our offers without a headache. Did you have existing service with us before you opted for the promo? The credits for the lines on us should appear automatically. For the line that's not getting the adjustment, have you opted for any additional services?  The Mobile Internet lines are credited up to $25 so if there's other charges that exceed that, you'd be responsible for the difference. Also, if the plan was changed or lines were canceled, that would also cause the credits to no longer be added. I'm just going over a few common reasons a promo like this might drop off. If none of these are the case, I suggest reaching out to our T-Force team using the social media links in my badge or on our Contact Us page. They are an awesome team that have the resources to look at this further and provide more help.