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    I enrolled in the Advantage Program through my job in February of 2018 for the 15% discount.  I've been calling ever since because the discount never showed up on my bill.  I called again today and was told the discount is no longer available.  I was told only the $25 rebate card is available.   I told him that i was never told that when I previously called.   I was told that it will show up on my next bill.  Bill after bill since February, it never showed up.  They gave me a credit last month to credit for the months I never received the discount and was told it would show up on my August bill.  Never happened.  I have the simple choice plan and work for a government agency.   Is this true that the 15% discount is no longer available?

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      • smplyunprdctble

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        T-Mobile Advantage Program


        If you're on Simple Choice and work for the government and you've been verified as government, I THINK you should be eligible for 15%.


        You might want to try to reach out to T-Force via Social Media to see what's going on.

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        • rianoireacht

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          Similar happened to me. I enrolled in T-mobile in May 2014 and received the 15% discount for 3 years. Suddenly it disappeared. Finally, they told me that I was no longer eligible because I hadn't enrolled prior to Mar 2014. They suggested enroll in the Advantage Program instead, and sent me a link, but after looking at it, it didn't show monthly cost, so I didn't know what I was signing up for and declined. Now, I'm on the lookout for a new better plan from whichever carrier provides it to me first. I've got 6 lines on my account, so it can get expensive. The Advantage Program looks deceptive. not worth the risk, especially if no savings occur.